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Commercial Pest Control in Jacksonville

Lindsey Pest Services is proud to provide your business with quality, efficient pest control services your company can depend on. From rodent control, to termite elimination, to ant extermination, Lindsey Pest Services is your go-to expert. Let us bring your company peace of mind knowing your business or commercial building is free of unwanted pests.

We provide the best pest control services in the greater Jacksonville area by:

  • Focusing on prevention and employing chemical alternatives and practical solutions wherever possible, to protect your home and family while protecting our environment.
  • Providing pest control, elimination and pest extermination services for a wide variety of pests, including ant control, rodent control, bed bug control, flea removal, spider control, silverfish pest control, cockroach removal, and termite treatment.
  • Training all our associates on a regular basis. You’ll be working with a highly trained professional exterminator in Jacksonville.

Our Long Term, Affordable Pest Control in Jacksonville

Get a commercial pest control quote Jacksonville, FloridaWhen it comes to the safety of your commercial property, we don’t settle for short-term fixes. Lindsey Pest Services creates a customized pest elimination strategy that provides lasting pest protection for your business while also protecting the environment; using pest elimination methods that follow the strict guidelines and standards set by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Let Lindsey Pest Services help your business or commercial property reach its full potential with our reliable pest control services in Jacksonville. Let us worry about the unwanted pests so you are able to focus on running your business.

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Although ants are often more of a nuisance than harm, they can contaminate your counters, dishes, and food with bacteria on their feet and feces dropped along the way.


Cockroach infestations are amazingly persistent – and amazingly dirty! They can carry bacteria on their bodies, like Salmonella, that cause food poisoning.


Rats and mice are unfortunately very common pests of Florida – and are a significant health hazard, making rodent control crucial.


The first step in termite control is determining if your home is infested. Property owners seldom see the worker termites that are busy gnawing at the wood of the structure.

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