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A Bug’s Life: Ant Control

The presence of ants in your home is significantly less cute when they’re not talking in a Pixar film on your TV screen. Often, the ants that people see are just tracker or scout ants that have been sent by the colony to forage for food. Getting rid of these ants fixes the immediate problem,…

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Swarming Termites Signify Damage and Destruction

Are you seeing winged “ants” swarming in or around your First Coast home? If so, it is very likely that these are actually termites. As the weather begins to warm in the Jacksonville, Florida area, destructive termites begin to swarm in search of mates – and this is often the only sign that they are…

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Rats and Squirrels Cause Home Destruction in Winter

In their efforts to shelter from the cold outdoor temperatures of winter, rats and squirrels can be very destructive to Jacksonville Florida homes and property. Rats and squirrels are opportunistic. They will run along utility lines/wiring to your home then squeeze through the gaps around them. They can jump from limbs of nearby or overhanging…

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