Weird, But Effective: Residential Pest Control in Jacksonville

The common thought is that any type of pest control entails ant traps, harsh chemicals, and having to leave your home for a week while it’s encased in a giant plastic bag. If you haven’t heard by now, this is entirely untrue. We’re in 2017—the technology has been far advanced past the stereotypical image of…

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No Pests Please – Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL

The dawn of a new year is finally upon us, and with it comes the excitement and hope of brand new experiences, resolutions, friendships, and opportunities. Who knows what the next 12 months will hold? For many of us, a brand new year means starting fresh with our goals and ambitions in life. Maybe climbing…

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Rats and Squirrels Cause Home Destruction in Winter

In their efforts to shelter from the cold outdoor temperatures of winter, rats and squirrels can be very destructive to Jacksonville Florida homes and property. Rats and squirrels are opportunistic. They will run along utility lines/wiring to your home then squeeze through the gaps around them. They can jump from limbs of nearby or overhanging…

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