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The safety and comfort of your home is our utmost priority. With years of valuable industry experience, Lindsey Pest Services is able to provide you and your family with dependable Jacksonville pest control services and extermination. Our vigorously trained associates will create a customized procedure to eliminate the specific type of pests plaguing your home.

Long-Term Pest Control for Your Home

Lindsey Pest Services wants to help you find a long-term solution to expel pests from your home. For common insects like roaches, ants, and termites, baits placed in stations and out-of-the-way places can eliminate pest populations without any impact on you or your daily routine. We employ applied baiting techniques that combine the food that each particular insects, rodents, or other pests like to eat with an insecticidal bait to control the population. The use of baits also eliminates, or reduces, the chance of odor; enables placement safe from people and pets; and reduces, or eliminates, the need for pesticide sprays.

Quarterly or Yearly Pest Control Service

Once we’ve chosen and employed a method of pest control, we implement a thorough perimeter control program combined with any needed interior treatments to keep other insects from coming in to re-infest your home or building. We work with you to design a program that best meets your needs and your schedule. In many cases, a monthly or bi-monthly service will provide for the best long-term relief, but some situations can also be controlled with quarterly or yearly pest control service in Jacksonville.

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This company was amazing. They were prompt, professional, and affordable! The level of communication was superb! I have already given their name to a friend to use when they are ready! Highly recommended!

Amanda E.
Jacksonville, FL

Very, accomodating when I need you to come to my house. Technicians and staff always pleasant. Having you as my pest control people no-brainer.

Jonathan K.

Steve is the best! He represents your company in a professional and caring manner. Your office staff is outstanding! It is always a pleasure contacting your company.

John H.

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