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Termite Control in Jacksonville, FL

Lindsey Pest Services specializes in eliminating subterranean termite treatment. We have been protecting homes, schools, churches, and commercial structures since 1957.

There are several methods that can be used for termite control in Jacksonville, including new techniques in baiting; conventional options for treatments with liquid termiticides and liquid foaming treatment both under the slab and in wall voids; and “green” services. From our expertise in these methods, Lindsey Pest Services will customize Jacksonville termite treatment for your property. In most cases, however, we will recommend baiting, as it is the most effective means of protecting structures.


The first step in termite control is determining if your home is infested. Property owners seldom see the worker termites that are busy gnawing at the wood of the structure; and many of the signs of termite invasion are detectable only by a trained pest control inspector. One easily detectable sign of termites, however, are swarming “winged reproductives” that emerge in spring and fall to mate and further populate the colony. Although these can be confused with winged ants, it is best to get a professional inspection if you ever see “flying ants” in your home.

Termites feed on wood, paper products, furniture and other cellulose products. So, even buildings with steel framing and masonry walls are targets, because they have wooden doors, window frames, support beams (often hidden), cabinets or shelving within them.

Just as detection by the homeowner can be exceptionally difficult, so, too, is do-it-yourself termite control nearly impossible. Specialized equipment and expertise is needed, and Lindsey Pest Services technicians have the knowledge and tools necessary for termite control in Jacksonville, FL.

Termite Treatment in Jacksonville

Lindsey Pest Services was a pioneer in the revolutionary technique of termite baiting, and for the property owner desiring complete piece of mind, we are authorized agents for Sentricon®.

Our Signature Service baiting treatment with Sentricon® includes:

  • Quarterly service to evaluate the termite pressure at your property.

  • Regular communication about the activity on their premises.

  • An industry-leading repair agreement.

  • For even greater value, we include exterior ant baiting and interior pest control to provide a complete service.

We also offer consultation for drywood termite infestations and localized spot treatments. We utilize the most up-to-date treatment methods and explain the available options for each situation.

Lindsey Pest Services does not hesitate to face tough situations concerning pests. Our Jacksonville termite treatment services not only get the job done, but protect your home or business from the threat of returning pests.

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