asian cockroach on wet leaves

What do Asian cockroaches look like?

The Asian cockroach may be challenging to identify because it looks very similar to the German cockroach- one of the most common roach species that invade our homes and businesses.

asian cockroach on mango

The most significant differences between the Asian and German cockroach are that Asian cockroaches have more narrow wings than the German cockroach. The Asian cockroach is a strong flier, while the German cockroach is not.

Asian cockroaches have six spiny covered legs, a long antenna, and an oval-shaped body like other cockroaches. Asian cockroaches are light brown and have two parallel lines behind the head on the pronotum- like the German cockroach. 


When are Asian cockroaches most active?

Asian cockroaches are most active and problematic when living outside Jacksonville homes. Some of their favorite places to live include leaf litter, gardens, and under mulch- things most people have in their yards.

Like other cockroaches, Asian cockroaches are nocturnal, resting during the day and emerging at night to forage for food. These insects tend to live in outdoor areas near homes and other buildings. Asian cockroaches often find a way inside while actively searching for sources of food.

Asian cockroaches move inside through cracks in the foundation, vents, drains, and spaces around doors and windows, usually after outdoor lights attract them. Once inside, they seek out moist, damp areas of a home to live, foraging for food at night in kitchen and pantry areas.

Are Asian cockroaches dangerous?

Though Asian cockroaches aren’t as big of a threat to us and our household as other more prolific species, they are still dangerous, and their presence is always unwelcome.

After moving inside from living outside, Asian cockroaches introduce a variety of bacteria, pathogens, and parasites into the homes they invade. Asian cockroaches contaminate food, dishes, utensils, surfaces, and more with things that make people ill.

Not an exception to the rule, cockroaches, including Asian cockroaches, trigger allergy symptoms or asthma attacks in many people- especially young kids or people with weakened immune systems.

How do I get rid of Asian cockroaches?

The best way to solve a problem with Asian cockroaches is to partner with a professional. A cockroach’s adaptability makes them a tricky pest to get rid of. Our professionals understand Asian cockroaches and will work with our customers to ensure these dangerous pests are eliminated from their homes and businesses and won’t return.

We’ve been providing effective roach control since 1957 and use several techniques and tools to get rid of these pests. To learn more about eliminating Asian cockroaches through Lindsey Pest Service’s residential or commercial pest control services, reach out today!