mold on the outside of a st.augustine home

Moisture Threatens Your Home’s Structure

Excess moisture and humidity are among the biggest threats to the structure of your home. Moisture weakens the strength of wood, promotes the growth of mold and fungi, and attracts pests. In the Jacksonville metro and along the First Coast, water damage from hurricanes and our typical tropical-style weather contribute to mold and fungus problems and high humidity that can damage your home and attract unwanted pests.


Fungus & Mold Growth

Fungi and mold can occur in your home from a variety of causes, including:

  • Leaks inside or outside the home
  • Everyday activities including bathing, cooking – and even breathing!
  • Condensation caused by your central air or window air conditioning units
  • Dryer vents that route air into basements, attics, or crawl spaces

Lindsey Pest Services often discovers fungi growing in our clients’ crawlspaces as wood is damaged from moisture. Wood-decaying fungi strip the nutrients from the wood and tears it apart, creating ideal conditions and an invitation to many pests to take up residence in your home.

interior of a mold damaged home in palm valley florida

Eliminate And Prevent Fungus & Mold

Our technicians rely on the Bora-Care® Mold-Care solution to kill and prevent all types of mold and create a buffer zone in your home that will delay the harmful effects of significant flood damage. Homes without proper ventilation and insulation will experience fungi and mold growth in the moisture that condenses in and on walls, but when we spray our application to the wood in your home, it acts as a preventative treatment against mold and future damages. Not only will you maintain the sound structure of your home, but you’ll improve air quality and reduce your risks for attracting insects as well.

Who Benefits From Fungus & Mold Treatments?

We regularly perform fungus and mold treatments to homes and businesses throughout the Jacksonville, Florida, area.

New Construction

As a building is constructed, the wood is accessible to the weather and elements. Applying mold and fungus treatments to new construction is the ideal time to prevent future problems from mold, termites, wood-destroying insects, and fungi. The treatments will soak into the wood and provide years of protection.

Buildings With Water Damage

If your home has fallen victim to a hurricane or other storm damage, leaking pipes, or floodwaters, our mold and fungus treatment can kill existing mold and stop the wood-decaying process. Once the treatment is applied, the wood is protected against future flooding and water damage.