a technician inspecting a termite baiting trap outside of a jacksonville florida residence

Effective Termite Treatment & Prevention 

Termites are the hidden destructors of homes, causing over $1 billion dollars every year in damages. Unfortunately, much of the destruction happens before you even know you have termites, as they spend most of their time out-of-sight, eating the inside of the wood and compromising the structure of the building. Lindsey Pest Services offers treatment and prevention options for subterranean termite problems for both residential homes and commercial buildings.

a termite infesting wood in a florida yard

Florida Home & Business Termite Protection Solutions

Lindsey Pest offers both preventative and curative subterranean termite treatment options in the Jacksonville area. Our preferred termite control services include Sentricon with Always Active and liquid precision injection treatments with Termatrac. Our experienced technicians select the appropriate termite treatment or pre-treatment option for your situation.  Plus, you can be confident the results are long lasting, even with University of Florida entomologists estimating that subterranean termite activity will expand to put half of all structures in South Florida at risk of infestation by 2040, because Lindsey Pest offers a $250,000 termite damage warranty if new termite damage is found after treatment. 


Subterranean Termites & Treatment Options

Florida is a southeastern state that experiences some of the highest rates of termite infestations for residential homes and businesses. The most common termites living in Florida are subterranean termites and drywood termites. Lindsey Pest will inspect your property to determine the type of termites you have. If it’s found that you have drywood termites, we’ll make recommendations for treatment, such as fumigation, but we only treat for subterranean termites.

a technician inspecting the interior of a northern florida home with a termatrac device

To inspect your property, Lindsey Pest Services uses the Termatrac to identify areas with moisture issues and detect movement inside the walls. Trained technicians will inspect your structure for signs of termites, including mud tubes, active termites, and termite damages, as well as report any findings with the property owner or manager. If an active termite infestation is discovered, the precision injection treatment will be applied to eliminate active termites, followed by the installation of the Sentricon System.

To ensure your property stays termite-free and keep your termite damage warranty active, Lindsey Pest Services will visit every three months to inspect your property.


Termite Pre-Treatments For New Construction

Building a new home or business? Take a few minutes to schedule a termite pre-treatment and you can protect your investment against expensive termite damage. Lindsey Pest Services offers three options, each including the $250,000 termite warranty from day one:

The Sentricon System

technician inspecting a termite bait station outside of a jacksonville florida home

One of Lindsey's pest control technicians will install the Sentricon System around the perimeter of your new home or commercial building to stop termites from ever reaching the structure.  

Preferred over cellulose found in wood, the highly attractive bait draws termites to the bait stations and not the structure.

 Liquid Pre-Treatments 

termite after feeding on altriset

A liquid termite treatment will be applied around the perimeter of your new home or commercial building to stop termite activity before it happens.

When consumed, the highly effective Altriset® stops termites from feeding within hours of exposure.  


a room in a jacksonville florida home after it has been treated with bora care

The Bora-Care system is applied to slabs and lumber to stop termites before they have a chance to attack your home.


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