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Our Jacksonville pest control experts answer questions about pests, treatments, and more every day! We've listed some of our responses to commonly asked questions below. If you don't see an answer to your question, please reach out. We'd love to help!

I have ants! What can I do about ant control in Jacksonville?

Don’t feel bad if you are plagued with an ant problem; it happens to the best of us! There are many preventative steps you can take to keep ants away and treatment methods that can be employed to eliminate ants that are currently invading your home. Lindsey Pest Services offers effective ant control that rids your home of the present and future ant invasions. The system looks like this:

  1. Inspection
  2. Identification
  3. Control
  4. Elimination
  5. Maintenance

Each of these steps works to arm your home with the tools it needs to combat those irritating ant infestations.

Do different kinds of ants require specialized treatments?

Much like snowflakes, no two species of ants are the same. Lindsey Pest Services has decades of experience treating a wide variety of ants. Some of these include the carpenter ant, the fire ant, the crazy ant, the pharaoh ant, the ghost ant, and the acrobat ant. Each species of ant requires a specific pest control treatment and prevention plan. For example, species like the ghost ant need a complete inspection of your home and elimination baiting, while species like the fire ant call for a specialized formulated bait for their extermination. Thankfully, our dependable pest control in Jacksonville can determine all the details for you, ensuring a home free of all ants.

Are bed bugs just an old myth?

We wish they were! The phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite” might be a cute idiom to send your children off to bed, but the threat of bed bugs in your home is a genuine concern. Finding a quality bed bug control company in Jacksonville is crucial in protecting your home from the invasion of bed bugs and other pests. Pest control providers like Lindsey Pest Services offer preventative bed bug measures, as well as extermination treatment if bed bugs are already making themselves at home in your space.

How can I eliminate bed bugs if they’ve already invaded my home?

Lindsey Pest Services offers quality bed bug extermination in Jacksonville, which promises to rid your home of bed bugs altogether. More specifically, we offer the Bed Bug Elimination program, a process that’s implemented by creating a heat chamber that essentially kills all bed bugs in your home - even those hiding in the most obscure crevices. This heat chamber is set at approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that’s safe for possessions and furniture in your home but deadly to bed bugs. After the heat chamber treatment, we steam the remaining furniture and mattresses and use residual pesticide application to clear all crevices of any remaining bed bugs. Finally, steam treatment is used for all bed frames in your home, ensuring that your bed bugs won’t be returning.

What are the first signs that I have termites in my home?

Termites can be sneaky. They don’t make themselves known in an outward fashion like ants or rodents. While many of the signs pointing to termites are detectable only by an expert of termite control in Jacksonville, there are a few things you can be aware of when inspecting your home for indications of residing termites. One distinct sign of termites is the presence of what may look like “flying ants” in your home. These winged intruders are likely termites in disguise and generally emerge in spring and fall so they can mate and increase the size of the colony. If you’re noticing any bubbling paint or swollen areas on the wood in your home, this could be another sign that termites are slowly but surely eating away at the structure of your home. To prevent further damage, call your trusted termite control company in Jacksonville.

What is the Sentricon AlwaysActive, and how will it get rid of the termites in my home?

Lindsey Pest Services is a proud authorized operator of the Sentricon Always Active, the number one termite treatment in Jacksonville. The system uses termites’ natural behavior to wipe out the entire colony. Instead of directly detecting termites, Sentricon stations are arranged in different areas inside and outside of the home to attract termites. The bait placed within each system contains slow-acting ingredients that initially go unnoticed by unsuspecting termites and eventually stop their normal growth process. Soon, termites will be unable to molt, which prevents them from continuing to defile the structure of your home. With the Sentricon AlwaysActive, you can relax while Lindsey Pest Services takes care of your termite problem.

Help, I have a rodent in my home! What should I do?

No one wants to share their space with a not-so-friendly rodent. Unlike the cute little critters in fairy tales like “Cinderella,” real-world rodents won’t be so willing to cooperate with you. If you notice signs of a rodent invasion, call Lindsey Pest Services, your local pest control expert in Jacksonville, Florida. We can determine whether you have a mouse or a rat invading your home and assign a treatment accordingly. We implement an integrated pest management approach to your rodent control. This rodent control service includes rodent inspection, treatment, proofing, communication and documentation, and a customized rodent control program. Your rodents won’t bother you any longer!

Is there a difference between mice and rats?

Absolutely! Mice and rats are very different and cannot be treated the same way. Mice tend to be much smaller than rats, and they have long thin tails with huge ears in proportion to their heads. In contrast, rats have smaller ears, a much thicker tail, and a larger overall body size than mice. More specific traits will vary in species of both mice and rats, but it’s essential to know the basic differences between mice and rats because their treatment methods are not the same. Lindsey Pest Services has ample experience implementing rodent control in Jacksonville and can easily recognize what species of mice or rat is invading your home so you can get the proper treatment.

Where can I learn more about your services in a fun, entertaining way?

Read our blog! The Lindsey Pest Services blog is updated twice monthly and is full of entertaining and applicable information about pest control in Jacksonville, Florida. To check out previous blogs, click on the tab labeled “Blog” in the navigation menu. Happy reading!

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