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Experts In Resolving Honey Bee Problems

Honey bees are essential to our environment and our food source. The United States Department of Agriculture says honey bee pollination is responsible for every third bite of food we take. Despite all that honey bees do for us, they can become a pest that damages your home and puts your family at risk for bee stings if they build their hives inside your walls or ceilings. The Jacksonville area has both dangerous Africanized honey bees and the gentler European honey bees. No matter which type of bee you’re having trouble with, we can help. Lindsey Pest Services offers property owners in Jacksonville and along the First Coast two forms of honey bee removal: honey bee removal and replacement or elimination.

a honey bee on a purple flower outside of a jacksonville home

Lindsey Pest Service's Honey Bee Removal, Relocation & Elimination

Here's how we get rid of honey bees from your home:

Honey Bee Swarm Relocation

Because of the benefits honey bees offer, we like to remove and relocate the honey bees if possible. This involves cutting into the wall or ceiling where the honey bees are and placing them into nook hives to transport them to our apiary. We do not provide repair services, so if we go with this method of honey bee removal, the damage repair is up to the homeowner.

Honey Bee Elimination

For homeowners who do not want to cut into the walls or ceiling, we can eliminate honey bees by injecting foam into the infested area. This method of honey bee removal will kill the bees.


Why Getting Rid Of Honey Bees Inside Your Home Is A Must

If you hear humming or buzzing coming from somewhere inside your home, it could be a honey bee invasion. You may see a wet spot on the wall or ceiling, which is melted honey or the wax comb. You may also notice a few flying around inside your home in search of food. No matter how good the bees are for the environment, you can't leave them inside your walls or ceiling. Lindsey Pest Services has all the equipment necessary to remove honey bees from your structure or yard safely.

Honey bees are protective of their hives and become aggressive if they feel the need to defend their nest. If someone is allergic to bees, a single sting can send them into anaphylaxis.

In addition to health risks, honey bees cause damage to homes if they build their hives inside the structure.

  • The wax and honey can seep through the sheetrock, causing staining.
  • Over time, the weight of the hive and honey can put a hole in the wall or ceiling, releasing angry, swarming bees into your living area.
  • If you don't remove honey bees and they eventually vacate on their own, the abandoned hive can rot and will then attract other pests into your home, including mice and rats, carpenter ants, and silverfish.

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