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Professional Bed Bug Exterminators Serving Jacksonville & First Coast

Despite their name, bed bug infestations are not confined to the bed and can be found anywhere. If you’ve discovered bed bugs, the Greater Jacksonville bed bug control specialists at Lindsey Pest Services can help. We offer practical solutions to eliminate bed bugs from homes and businesses, including steam and chemical treatments and a portable heat chamber for furniture and other items. 

How We Exterminate Bed Bugs

We’re So Confident We Can Solve Your Bed Bug Problem, We’ll Guarantee It For One Year

Best of all, you can have 100% confidence in Lindsey Pest Services’ bed bug control solutions as we offer a bed bug guarantee: Provided we have the full cooperation of all parties, we guarantee your home will remain bed bug-free for at least one year after treatment, and we’ll continue to re-inspect your home every 45 days and apply treatments as necessary to make sure of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bed bugs just an old myth?

We wish they were! The phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite” might be a cute idiom to send your children off to bed, but the threat of bed bugs in your space is a genuine concern. Finding a quality bed bug control company in Jacksonville is crucial if you find signs of bed bug activity in your home or business. 

How can I eliminate bed bugs if they've already infested my home?

Lindsey Pest Services offers quality bed bug control in Greater Jacksonville, which promises to rid your home of bed bugs altogether. More specifically, we offer our bed bug elimination program that includes a combination of conventional products, steam, and our portable heat chamber.

How does the portable heat chamber work?

This heat chamber is built right in your space and then heated up to approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature safe for possessions and furniture but deadly to bed bugs. 

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