a pest control technician spraying a bush outside of a jacksonville beach home

Year-Round Protection Against Mosquitoes In Jacksonville

Not only are mosquitoes an unrelenting pest that can send you back indoors to escape their itchy bites, but they can also transmit serious diseases, including the West Nile Virus. Some mosquitoes may also transmit heartworm to family pets. Many Florida counties are reducing the area-wide government mosquito control programs, so backyard mosquito control is often the only protection your home or business has from mosquitoes. Florida residents don’t hibernate during the winter, and neither do mosquitoes! Lindsey Pest Services can help reduce the population of mosquitoes on your home or business property year-round so you can enjoy your outdoor space!


How Lindsey Gets Rid Of Mosquitoes

If you’re finding it hard to enjoy the outdoors with mosquitoes buzzing around and biting you, give Lindsey Pest Services a call. We’ll come out to your home or business to inspect the property and determine if mosquito control is a good fit for your home.

a mosquito biting into human skin in a jacksonville florida yard

We’ll identify the types of mosquitoes you have and provide a quote to get rid of mosquitoes based on the size of your property. We can’t treat salt marsh mosquitoes, so we’ll always perform a physical inspection of your location to make sure we can treat the mosquito species that are chasing you indoors. We’ll also identify where the mosquitoes are resting and breeding on your property so we can begin to take steps to reduce the population of mosquitoes.

Here’s how we help you get rid of mosquitoes:

  • Identify specific areas of your property where mosquitoes may thrive for treatment.
  • Recommend methods for discouraging mosquito breeding areas and eliminating areas of standing water.
  • Treat mosquito resting areas such as shrubbery, structures, and plants.

For the best results, Lindsey Pest Services will treat both existing mosquitoes and their breeding areas.

a pest technician treating the shrubs outside of a jacksonville florida home

Mosquito Treatments For Jacksonville & The First Coast Area

The climate of Florida is an ideal environment for mosquitoes year-round. As a result, effective mosquito control requires mosquito treatments every six weeks to three months. We’ll discuss the specific needs of your property during the inspection and quoting process.

Mosquito Barrier Treatments

Our experienced technicians will use a backpack sprayer to apply treatments to the specific areas of your property where mosquitoes rest, which typically includes shrubs and plants. Barrier treatments are effective within thirty minutes of spraying, eliminating mosquitoes on contact and creating a barrier on the foliage to act as an ongoing repellent for mosquitoes that lasts for a few weeks.

Mosquito Breeding Site Treatments

Technicians will also reduce the mosquito population on your property by treating their breeding sites to eliminate mosquito eggs before they can hatch into bothersome adult mosquitoes.