a wasp building a nest outside of a jacksonville florida home

Lindsey Takes The Sting Out Of Wasps & Hornets

Wasps and hornets commonly cause problems for homeowners during the spring and summer. They spend their whole lives searching for food and new nesting locations for the development of new populations. Paper wasps, yellow jackets, and bald-faced hornets get aggressive when they feel the need to defend their nests, so having hives near homes and businesses is a threat best handled by professional pest control companies like Lindsey Pest Services of Jacksonville, Florida.

a wasp on the outside of a jacksonville florida home

How We Get Rid Of Wasps And Hornets

To completely free your property from wasps and hornets, you must remove their nest. You could kill off each wasp or hornet you see individually, but as long as the nest remains, you will continue to have problems. Getting rid of stinging insects and their nests is a potentially dangerous task, as the nuisance pests’ stings are painful and can also cause severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reactions. When a customer calls us about wasps and hornets, we will:

  • Schedule a visit to the property to perform an inspection.
  • Locate the nest.
  • Provide a quote for removing the nest and eliminating your wasp or hornet problem.
  • Implement a treatment plan to eliminate these stinging insects from your property.

Please note: We only provide wasp and hornet nest destruction services when it is safe for the neighborhood, which is generally at dawn or dusk. Once completed, we’ll return to your property to inspect for straggler wasps and hornets that need to be removed.

Common Wasps And Hornets In Florida

There are many species of wasps and hornets living in Florida, but three tend to cause the most problems for homeowners:

Paper Wasps
Paper wasps create nests by mixing their saliva with plant matter to form a thin paper-like material. The wasps tend to build nests in areas out in the open, such as hanging from tree branches, eaves of houses, windowsills, and the corners of sheds and garages.

Yellow Jackets
Probably the most common stinging insect in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities is the yellow jacket. They come out in abundance to join us for our early fall outdoor picnics but are a nuisance year-round. Yellow jackets build nests in protected locations or underground. Yellow jackets are among the most aggressive of Florida stinging insects, charging out of their nests and stinging anyone or anything they deem a threat to their colony.

Bald-faced Hornets
The bald-faced hornet is a close relative of the yellow jacket with a white face and a black body. They tend to build nests above ground in large bushes, shrubbery, and trees.