Roach Control In Jacksonville

December 28, 2015

When the weather gets a bit cooler, roaches become a major threat to households. Your home in Jacksonville could easily fall victim to a roach infestation. Fortunately, Lindsey Pest Services is here to help. We offer extensive roach control for your Jacksonville home or business, as well as a variety of facts and tips to help you prevent a roach problem.

The Roaches

There are three types of cockroaches that pose a common threat to households. The best way to handle a roach infestation is to identify the type of roach to best treat the problem. Here at Lindsey Pest Services, we can help.

German cockroaches can be found in homes, factories, restaurants and many other places. While fairly small, they live in large groups. Primarily, they are drawn to dark, warm spaces. Be particularly wary of areas near stoves and refrigerators, cracks in walls and bathrooms. To control German cockroaches, you must have regular roach control in your Jacksonville home or business.

Asian cockroaches are similar to German cockroaches, with the exception that they fly. They also live outdoors in debris and leaves. They are most often seen at night in areas that are lit. Protecting your home requires several different methods of prevention and control.

American cockroaches are commonly found in trees, groundcover and other sources of wood and shrubbery. The largest of the cockroaches that could enter your home, they usually invade in search of food. Regular indoor and outdoor cockroach prevention programs are required to avoid an infestation.

Our Roach Control Process

Roach Control Cockroach Control in Jacksonville, Florida:

Here at Lindsey Pest Services, we have a clear-cut, reliable approach to roach control for your Jacksonville property. We create an individualized approach to meet your needs. We begin with a cockroach inspection to find their hiding places. Next, we place baits around the locations with cockroaches. The bait is poisonous and is consumed and shared throughout the group, killing as many as possible. Next, we utilize other methods, such as residuals, to speed up the process and make it more effective. All of our work is documented and recommendations are made to assure that you are on the right track to ridding your property of roaches.

What You Can Do

Cockroaches simply do not need much to eat live near in order to thrive in your home. A few crumbs and a space below a stove or refrigerator can tide them over for a long time. The most effective way to prevent a cockroach infestation in your home is to deny them sources of food and shelter. Clean and vacuum crumbs regularly and remove paper, cardboard and other clutter from your home. It is also important to keep areas near appliances or cracks where they would commonly live sealed and very clean.

If your property is in need of roach control, call Lindsey Pest Services in Jacksonville. Our effective, efficient treatment processes are tailored to suit your individual roach control needs.


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