an indian meal moth in a pantry in jacksonville florida

What Do Indian Meal Moths Look Like?

Indian meal moths are colorful, with a third of their bodies covered in reddish-copper scales. The larvae are white, worm-like insects with brown heads that later morph into the Indian meal moths. The Indian meal moth is the most common of pantry pests found in homes and food industry establishments. In moth form, they live about a week. You know you have an infestation if you see moths or larvae in flour, pet food, or other stored products. You may also see sticky webbing or notice what looks like droppings in or around the food.

an illustration of an indian meal moth

What Attracts Indian Meal Moths?

Indian meal moths are attracted to dried fruit, grains, cereals, powdered milk, birdseed, chocolate, nuts, and dog food. You're most likely to find them in your pantry, in their larvae stage, as they make their way into cereal boxes and other processed food sources that aren't fully sealed. They are also attracted to artificial light sources and mostly come out at night, so you may see adult moths flying around the lights in your home.

How Do I Get Rid Of Indian Meal Moths?

An Indian meal moth infestation can be hard to get rid of. The larvae crawl on the ceilings and spin cocoons throughout the home. The larvae are also responsible for food damage in pantries and cabinets. If you have an infestation, your best course of action is to call for professional pest control services to eliminate them.

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