What Do Wasps Look Like?

Wasps are built similarly to ants and are sometimes called bees, but they are not all the same. Wasps have a thin waistline and very little body hair in comparison to bees. There are over 4,000 wasp species in the United States. Wasps are predatory and will feed on other insects.

an illustration of a wasp

Yellow Jackets

This type of wasp has a black and yellow striped abdomen, black antennae, and short legs. Often called bees, yellow jackets are wasps that build nests in wall voids or cavities in the ground.

yellow jackets on a nest outside a home in saint johns florida

Bald-Faced Hornets

They are social wasps with white markings on their thorax and heads. They build paper-covered nests in tree stumps and wall voids. They're not overly aggressive, but if you do get stung by a bald-faced hornet, their sting is quite painful.

a bald faced hornet on a flower in palm valley florida

Paper Wasps

They have relatively long bodies, long legs, and coloring that varies among the paper wasp species. Many are brown with yellow markings, and some have red markings.

a paper wasp nest on the outside of a jacksonville florida home

When Are Wasps Most Active?

While wasps do not go to sleep at night like us, they also don't fly when it is dark. Instead, they go home to their nests to care for their homes and brood, much like humans do! Because of our warm year-round weather in Jacksonville, wasps can remain active throughout the year.

What Attracts Wasps?

Wasps can build nests anywhere that offers a sturdy base from which to hang their nest. They're attracted to areas with an overhang, such as your roof eaves and porch ceilings. If you have woodpiles near your home, you're providing a construction resource for the wasps to build their nests! Wasps scrape wood fiber from materials and chew it to mix with their saliva. This allows the wasps to create a paper pulp that can be spit out to shape into their nests. If you have an abundance of other insects around your home, wasps will be attracted to the area.

Are Wasps Dangerous?

Stings from wasps are dangerous because of their venom. A single wasp sting can cause an allergic reaction for people who have allergies, while multiple stings can be fatal without medical intervention. People who are allergic to wasps will experience anaphylaxis following a wasp sting.

How Do I Get Rid Of Wasps?

If you have an abundance of wasps or bees on your property, nesting in or near your home, or you are concerned someone will be stung, Lindsey Pest Services can help. Our team has the equipment and know-how to get rid of these stinging pests by offering professional wasp control and hornet removal services. We'll come out to destruct wasp nests at dawn or dusk or whenever we deem safest for you and the neighbors. Once the nest is removed, our experienced technicians will return to your property to look for any straggler wasps to eliminate them before they can start constructing a new nest.

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