white-footed ants in florida

What Do White-Footed Ants Look Like?

White-footed ants are a small species of nuisance ant. Adults only grow to about 1/8th of an inch in length. Their bodies are dark brown to black. They received their name from their distinctive whitish-yellow feet. These ants are commonly identified by their large colony size. A single white-footed ant colony can have 3 million members.

white footed ants crawling outside of a jacksonville florida home

What Attracts White-Footed Ants?

White-footed ants like to live and nest outside in leaf piles, mulch, and garden areas. Their nesting spots are usually located near Jacksonville homes and other structures. The ants' small size allows them to quickly move inside structures through the tiniest of cracks and crevices while foraging for food. Once inside, they feed on any sweets, proteins, and water sources they can find. White-footed ants may create a satellite nest behind wall voids or underneath floors. They may also travel back and forth from their outdoor nest into your home each day, searching for food.

Are White-Footed Ants Dangerous?

White-footed ants are not a dangerous species of ant. These ants are considered a nuisance pest. Their huge colony size makes this species especially difficult to control. To prevent these ants from overtaking your yard and home and contaminating food sources, it is vital to seek professional help. Professionals can successfully get rid of the entire colony wholly and quickly.

How Do I Get Rid Of White-Footed Ants?

Lindsey Pest Services uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to getting rid of white-footed ants. Our expert pest control technicians will inspect your property to find what species are infesting, where the ants are active, and where their nests are located. Once we've evaluated the ant problems, we'll determine the most efficient method of ant control. Next, we'll eliminate the colony of white-footed ants and, if you choose one of our home pest control plans, perform ongoing maintenance to ensure that the colonies don't restart. 

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