5 Things You Did Not Know About Jacksonville Cockroaches

June 25, 2019

a grey tones geron cockroach crawling along the kitchen counter in a jacksonville home

Jacksonville is growing and a lot of people who are moving here are unfamiliar with many of the pests we deal with. One pest that is particularly misunderstood is the cockroach. Today, we're going to take a quick look at a few things you might not know about cockroaches if you've recently moved to Jacksonville.


There are around 3,500 species of cockroach in the world and experts estimate that we have around 55 of them here in the United States. Fortunately, all of those species don't make themselves household pests. Only a handful get into our homes. This is because our homes are too dry for most cockroaches. If you make your Florida home dry by adding dehumidifiers, you can make it less habitable for cockroaches.


The majority of cockroach species in the world prefer warm, moist climates. This makes cockroaches more of a problem in Southeastern states, especially in homes that are not climate controlled. Keeping your Jacksonville home a constant cool temperature can reduce cockroach activity but keep in mind that American cockroaches (those are the big reddish-brown roaches that are common pests in Jacksonville) can adapt to being in a chilled environment. That is probably why they are such common pests here.


If you've moved down to Florida from a northern state, you may be familiar with the German cockroach. It is the most successful species of cockroach in the world because of its ability to adapt to living in dry, cool environments. But, when small tan roaches appear in your Jacksonville home, you should know that they are more likely to be Asian cockroaches. The key difference is that Asian roaches can fly with ease. While German roaches are able to fly, they rarely do. The American cockroach is also capable of flight, though it only takes flight when it is warm enough.


Cockroaches can be found in locations that have decaying organic matter. If a food source can be found, cockroaches can multiply like crazy. They will feed on any organic material from rotting fruits and vegetables to decaying grass clippings. They'll also feed on animal dung. If you have a dog that leaves dropping in your yard, you may be attracting the attention of cockroaches.


You will hear many suggestions about how to keep cockroaches out of your Jacksonville home but you should know that it is extremely difficult to control pest cockroaches. They are extraordinarily resilient and adaptable. If you don't want roaches crawling around in your home, the most effective way to keep them out is to invest in a residential pest control plan that includes coverage for cockroaches. If you need assistance putting pest control in place around your Jacksonville home, reach out to us. We're here to help.


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