A Bug’s Life: Ant Control

July 25, 2015

The presence of ants in your home is significantly less cute when they’re not talking in a Pixar film on your TV screen. Often, the ants that people see are just tracker or scout ants that have been sent by the colony to forage for food. Getting rid of these ants fixes the immediate problem, but is not a complete solution when the entire colony could still be infesting your home or business. Finding yourself in the midst of a pest problem is always an annoyance, but things can be easier trusting Lindsey Pest Services in Jacksonville, Florida to handle your ant control needs.

Ant control begins with inspection, and this process can be extensive when attempting to find the trails of ants and their food gathering locations. It is important to be thorough when eliminating a colony, and identifying the species of ant contributes to finding the best ant control strategy. Discovering the species allows our experts at Lindsey Pest Services to utilize the appropriate bait for the right circumstances. Our professionals are well equipped to handle all ant species found in Northern Florida including: carpenter ants, fire ants, crazy ants, pharaoh ants, ghost ants, and acrobat ants.

Ants operate in a monarchical structure in which the queen is the centralized figure. The existence and function of the colony is dependent on the survival of the queen, and she must be removed in order to eliminate the colony in its entirety. Just like in chess, the queen is a powerful figure that is highly valuable to acquiring a strategic position. Getting to the queen can be a complicated, investigative process that is best left to a professional who understands how to track and exterminate the whole colony.

Generally, ant control requires continuous maintenance and a focus on preventative measures in your home or business. The removal of pests from your home or business is a two-way street, but Lindsey Pest is capable of meeting you halfway to maintain a pest-free space. As a home or business owner, it is important that doors and windows are sealed properly to avoid pest entry. Removing access to the home is imperative for ant control because they will take advantage of any structural weakness to gain entry.

Carpenter ants are native to the Jacksonville, Florida area and have the ability to originally burrow into damaged wood then migrate as their population grows. This can cause serious damage especially if there is easy access to food and water inside the home or business. Keeping floors and counters clean, and making sure food is stored properly is the best preventative measure for ant control. However, if these pests have already become a problem, it is too late for preventative measures alone. The next step is to call Lindsey Pest in Jacksonville, Florida and allow our professionals to handle this pest problem quickly and permanently.

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