An Unfortunate House Guest – Rodent Control In Jacksonville

February 27, 2017

Florida in the winter is truly a magical time of year. The sun isn’t as abrasive, yet we still retain the beautiful scenery that comes with the tropical south. Driving home with the setting sun on my face is one of the best parts of my day. The views that the coastal roads make me extremely grateful for Jacksonville as a place to potentially raise a family and start a new chapter of my life. However, returning home after a long day of work has been a bit of a mixed bag of emotions.

My Unfortunate Guest – Rodent Control In Jacksonville

Every time I come home he’s there. There is no escape; it’s like having the warden watch over you 24/7. He is messy, smelly, and annoying. He just won’t leave. At first, I thought he was cute and harmless, but now he has friends coming and going at all hours of the night. My home has never been the same. His friends also lack decency. They eat my food, keep me up at night, and have given me the reputation as a slob. My mother will not come over to visit “the hazmat zone” as she calls it. The worst part; none of them pay rent or help with the bills.

It’s an unhealthy, abusive relationship that I cannot shake. Every day I think of running away, but it is such an unrealistic fantasy. Jacksonville is my home, and I intend to keep it this way.

And no, I am not talking about my boyfriend of two and a half years. All is well and dandy on that front. I am referring to the unfortunate fury vermin that have made it into my domain without an invitation. Not even Garfield would get along with these pests.

Effective, Rodent Control In Jacksonville

Sometimes it can seem like nothing will work against pests. It can seem debilitating if after battling ants in the fall you have to turn around and fight mice in the winter. Pests have no fear, and they have nothing to lose. That is why effective and rodent control in Jacksonville, Florida should be a priority for every household in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Long-Term Solutions

Dealing with pests is an unfortunate burden. Professional rodent control in Jacksonville is proven to eliminate and further prevent pests from returning. Whether you are battling against ants, mice, or roaches we will work with you to make sure nothing is able to get behind your walls without an invitation. Long-term preventative solutions will keep your living area clean and pest free. Peace of mind is what you deserve.

Quick Tips

If you see one, there are others. It is very likely that a colony has formed even if you have only had a couple encounters with a pest. This is why it is critical that you act fast with rodent control in Jacksonville. However, one easy step towards having a pest-free house is cleanliness. Cleanliness is one of the best weapons against rodents. By simply putting food away, sealing cracks in the foundation of your home, and making sure there are no leaking pipes you greatly minimize the risk of having any type of rodent infestation.

It is also important to not let water collect outside or keep firewood directly up against the house as these can be harboring stations for mosquitos and termites.

After inspection and treatment try to follow these guidelines of cleanliness, as they will greatly prevent any further encounter with pests. Jacksonville is a wonderful city and everybody deserves to experience all that it has to offer. But living with the burden of rodents can make anyone feel helpless and ruins the experience of living in a coastal city. Take control of your home and make Jacksonville your paradise.


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