Bed Bug Removal In Jacksonville, Florida

October 25, 2015

No one likes bugs regardless of where they are whether they are hanging around outside, ok maybe they aren’t so bad outside, but once they make their way into our homes and place of business we begin to feel uneasy. Imagine that feeling of uneasiness intensify when you find out that bed bugs are crawling around on the most comfortable place in your house… your bed. All of a sudden the one place that is supposed to give you the most comfort and the most relaxation is now a place filled with discomfort and stress. But bed bugs don’t just stop at your bed they can infect other parts of your house where you spend long periods of time sitting still in your favorite chair in the living room or even the chair by the computer. They can even attach themselves to items that you carry with you to work and follow you to work and infest your workspace and the area surrounding that and can even migrate themselves to people that sit near you at work. So how do you prevent these bugs from making their home into the areas of your house that make you the most comfortable?

Bed Bugs in your Jacksonville, FL Home

An easy way to prevent and keep track of whether bed bugs may have made their new home in your bed is to clean your bedding every week or every few weeks, and checking the seams and tags for any signs of blood, black droppings, or even bugs themselves. It is also suggested that you check and, if you can, clean the seams in chairs that you frequently find yourself staying still in for long periods of time.

Bed Bugs at your Business

Homes and bedrooms aren’t the only places that bed bugs can go and live. They can live anywhere where there are people, they can attach themselves to people and items that people carry with them on a regular basis and make a new home somewhere. Businesses are also an extremely susceptible place where bed bugs can make themselves at home in big office-type areas they have plenty of people who sit still in their chair all day working. Those are the kind of people that bed bugs like to feed off of. Offices, where there are a lot of people coming in and out and businesses that have employees that travel a lot, are also susceptible to bed bug infestations.

A bed bug infestation could also potentially affect the employees of the company and the business itself. A bed bug infestation could have major effects on the employees of the company because it could impact their work by having to have the office closed for a couple days to inspect the business for possible bed bugs and then having the exterminators come in and get rid of the bed bugs another day. The effect that a bed bug infestation could have on the business itself could be related to whether customers if the business has any, decide to continue to shop there or not. Customers don’t usually like to shop in unclean places and a business with a severe bed bug problem is no different.

The fact that the business has to close a couple days because of the bed bugs could also lead to other issues, such as, keeping appointment times and being available in an emergency or when a customer needs your services the most. An easy way to prevent this is to translate your weekly or bi-weekly check and cleaning at home to your workplace or business of the chair that you sit in and the spaces underneath your desk, that way you will know if anything new has made its home in your work area.

How We Can Get Rid of Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bug removal a lot of people imagine an almost cartoon vision of exterminators who show up to their house or place of work in hazmat suits with toxic chemicals to get rid of the bugs. Something along the lines of what happened to the big fuzzy orange and yellow striped monster from Monster’s Inc. when he came back from scaring a child and had a sock stuck to his fur. Monsters in hazmat suits came swooping in to get rid of the sock in a comical way by gently picking the sock up with tweezers placing it on the floor and almost vaporize the sock under a vacuum bubble. In reality, when people imagine this they aren’t that far off, exterminators come in with the necessary sterile accessories including gloves to protect themselves from the bed bugs and pretty much “vaporize” the bed bugs to death. But instead of using a little bubble they use your home as their bubble and heat up your house to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and that kills all of the bed bugs regardless of how deep down they are in the cool cracks and crevices of your house.

Even in Jacksonville, Florida it isn’t hot enough outside to kill all of the bed bugs! Just like you, the bed bugs are looking for a relatively cool place for themselves. What better place to get away from the Florida heat than your nice fresh home or business and into your relatively cool bed. The sooner you find the bed bug infestation, the easier and less stressful the situation will be to handle, and the sooner you can go back to living a relaxing, comfortable, and bed bug-free life in your home, business, and most importantly your bed again. Call Lindsey Pest Control to help prevent those pesky bed bugs from making themselves comfortable in your nice cool business, home, and most importantly your bed.


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