Buying A New Home? Learn About Termite Control In Jacksonville, FL

May 2, 2017

Sammie and Carl finally got married. They had the wedding of their dreams, an amazing honeymoon, and now they’re back in their one-bedroom apartment in Jacksonville. It wasn’t until they returned that they realized how small their current place is. They have to share a closet, store pots and pans in the oven, and their dog has nowhere to roam outside. It’s time to buy a house.

As first-time homeowners, Sammie and Carl are nervous. They don’t know what to look for! Not to mention they can’t agree on a style. Sammie calls a real estate agent she likes and they begin the house hunting process. She’s excited to see the space and rushes to make a Pinterest board. Carl is more analytical—how much yard work will he have to do and when was the house built?

Fast Realizations About Termite Control In Jacksonville, FL

A month goes by and Sammie and Carl have seen five different homes. They think they’ve narrowed it down to two favorites and their excitement keeps growing and growing each day! Now that they’ve got their top two, they know the next step is to hire a home inspector before putting an offer down, so Carl gives one a call.

Three days later, the home inspector returns Carl’s phone call. He’s got bad news—that beautiful Florida-style home they had their eyes on has TERMITES. What do they know about termite control in Jacksonville, FL?! Nothing! Unable to shake how much they loved that home, they ask the inspector how he found out.

What To Look For

The home inspector listed off the warning signs:

  • There were cracks in the home’s foundation. Termites leave behind pencil-sized mud tubes as shelters around these foundation cracks—perfect entryways.

  • When I rubbed some of the drywall with my thumb, I noticed it began to crumble. This crumbling was due to moisture, a breeding ground for termites. When they find a new territory in the walls, they weaken it and can damage support beams.

  • In the master bedroom, the walls had bubbling paint and unusual stains. These are more tell-tale signs of a termite infestation.

Upon seeing the above signs, I decided to do one more test. I took my screwdriver and tapped it on the wall. It sounded hollow—a bad sign that there are termites living inside. It could be possible that more doors or windows could be hiding termite colonies.

What To Do?!

Sammie and Carl weren’t about to give up on their new home. They had already envisioned themselves living in that home, having a cup of coffee by the window looking out on the beautiful backyard. They quickly called Lindsey Pest Services for an inspection and termite extermination. The friendly professionals fixed the beautiful house right up, thwarting all signs of current termites along with the possibility of future termite damage. Sammie and Carl were ecstatic. They now finally own the home of their dreams thanks to the wonderful work of Lindsey Pest Services!


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