Get Your Cockroach Infestation OUT!

September 20, 2015

Cockroaches and humans have been reluctant neighbors for centuries. Roaches can appear in homes, workplaces and public spaces, most notably restaurants, where food is plentiful.

Not only do most people consider these critters repulsive, they can be downright hazardous to you and your family’s health.

Roaches are known to harbor diseases, such as Salmonella and can trigger health issues including asthma and allergies in people. If you see just one or two cockroaches in your home or business, there are probably plenty more lurking nearby.

Seeing cockroaches during the daytime is a clear sign that you could very well have an infestation. At Lindsey Pest Control of Jacksonville, FL, we’ll help you get your cockroach infestation out of your home or work space as efficiently and safely as possible.

Cockroaches have been around for hundred of millions of years, a lot longer than we humans have. But that doesn’t mean you have to learn to live with them, nor should you.

The secret to their longevity is their resourcefulness. They can live in incredibly tight spaces and are known to go without food for a month– as long as they have a water source.

If we suspect you may have an infestation, Lindsey Pest Control will start by consulting with you and inspecting your property to see the extent of the problem. We’ll give you our recommendations for the fastest, safest plan of attack.

We’ll place baits throughout your home or business, strategically leaving the baits in hard to reach areas. The roaches eat the bait and share it with the roaches you can’t see: the ones that are hiding within your property’s walls and/or floors.

Over time, this highly effective method will eliminate the entire population and help avoid the use of hazardous insecticide sprays.

If we determine that the infestation is too great, Lindsey Pest Control will apply residual insecticides as well. While baits are very effective, they do take time. Sometimes, fast, emergency methods are needed.

A residual insecticide application kills any roaches walking across it. This will help to eliminate cockroaches attempting to come out into the open and away from the baits.

We’ll also work with you to make sure we tackle the problem without putting your family, pets or belongings in harm’s way.

Cockroach infestations will usually take more than one visit to eliminate. At Lindsey Pest Control, we’ll always take your schedule and living environment into account. Plus, for your convenience, we serve the entire greater Jacksonville area.

In order to make sure you don’t experience another cockroach infestation, it’s also important that you follow our tips for keeping roaches at bay.

It’s crucial that you avoid leaving any food lying around. Even a few crumbs can feed several roaches. Clean up any spills or left over food in a timely manner.

Reducing clutter also helps keep roaches away. Food isn’t the only thing that attracts them. They also like to live in and around cardboard boxes and paper bags.

Lindsey Pest Control can help rid you of your cockroach infestation. By following a few simple steps, you can make sure these uninvited guests don’t come back again.


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