How Bed Bugs Get Inside Florida Homes

September 7, 2018

Bed bugs do not enter our homes based upon how clean or dirty we keep it. Bed bugs are just as likely to invade a clean home as they are a dirty one, they simply do not care about cleanliness or lack thereof. Bed bugs will invade any home they feel can provide them with their basic needs of food, shelter, and water. Unfortunately, Jacksonville provides everything these annoying pests need to thrive.

bed bug on bed

So, how do bed bugs get inside Florida homes? In order for them to do so, they need to take a ride on something or someone. Common places people pick up bed bugs on their shoes, clothing, bags, briefcases, etc. are public places such as hotels, motels, taxis, buses, trains, planes, theaters, libraries, and even restaurants. If it’s public, you can pick up a bed bug or two.
A place that offers sleeping accommodations is probably the #1 place to pick up bed bugs. It only requires 1 female to lay up to 5 eggs every day to exacerbate a bed bug problem. An entire establishment can be overrun with them rapidly. So, be careful where you stay overnight, always inspect the room before you settle in, and be sure to inspect all of your clothing and items after you leave before you enter back into your house.
Another way to get bed bugs in your home is when you have guests over. They may unwittingly be carrying a bed bug on their belongings that will become displaced at your house. It can also happen if you spend the night as a guest at someone's home. Just make sure you do an inspection before, during, and after your stay.
Another place you can pick up bed bugs is at a neighbor’s house for a brief visit. Your kids can pick them up at school, sports events, and dorm rooms. Bed bugs can also hide in second-hand clothing, beds, mattresses, and furniture.
Bed bugs are not terribly dangerous, but they are annoying and they can make a home feel unkempt and dirty.
It is extremely important for anyone with a bed bug infestation to get the help of a professional pest control service. Bed bugs will not just go away on their own, and DIY methods fall short of eradicating every single bed bug.
Contact Lindsey Pest Services in the Jacksonville for bed bug elimination. We are the Professional Bed Bug Exterminators you need. We know how horrible an infestation can be and how important it is to get rid of bed bugs completely and as soon as possible. We guarantee our services for one year because our services are 100% effective! That’s our bed bug guarantee.


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