How To Get Rid Of Roaches On Your Jacksonville Property

November 20, 2021

Cockroaches have a flat, oval-shaped body with six legs. More than 60 different species of cockroaches are believed to exist in North America.

american cockroach in coffee cup

Cockroaches In Jacksonville

The most common types that invade properties in the Jacksonville region include: 

  • American cockroaches are among the largest, often measuring nearly two inches long, and have a reddish-brown appearance.

  • German cockroaches usually appear in shades of brown, average 5/8 of an inch long, and commonly travel indoors.

  • Asian cockroaches appear very similar to German cockroaches, usually can fly, and are slightly less likely to move indoors.

Understanding Why Cockroaches Carry Pathogens

Cockroaches will routinely rummage through trash, sewers, and drains with exposure to germs and parasites. Cockroaches are known to carry salmonellosis, dysentery, E.coli, and other harmful conditions. Once indoors, cockroaches with contaminate surfaces and food. They also shed their outer skins and generate excrement that can create allergic reactions among some individuals. 

Why Do-It-Yourself Treatment Options Usually Fail To Eliminate Cockroaches

Many property owners mistakenly try do-it-yourself treatment options purchased from local stores or online retailers that are marketed using embellished claims of being a quick and easy solution. Unfortunately, most of these products, including sprays, traps, and baiting stations, will create only short-term results. 
One challenge that cockroaches pose is that they may go undetected at first. Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal creatures that hide during the daytime hours and search for food sources after dark. Another reason why cockroaches are difficult to eliminate is that they can adjust their diet based on their environment and consume most human foods and cardboard, hair, glue, and more. 

Tips For Preventing Them

One of the keys to preventing cockroaches is to limit potential food sources. Kitchen areas should be cleaned regularly, such as wiping down counters, sweeping crumbs from floors, and placing leftovers in the refrigerator or durable sealed containers. Remember that cockroaches are scavengers that enjoy food scraps; therefore, never leave dirty dishes out overnight and ensure that kitchen-area trash containers have tightly fitting lids. 
Preventing entry to the premises is also important. Closely inspect the property's exterior for any cracks, holes, or other potential entry points and fill them with a durable caulk or sealant. Look for any openings around the frames of windows and doors and apply weatherstripping or door sweeps where necessary. 

The Importance Of Having Assistance From A Professional

Many property owners will attempt to take matters into their own hands when facing a cockroach infestation. In many cases, these efforts are insufficient for eliminating these critters who will retreat deeply into areas behind walls or baseboards, underneath floors, or other hard-to-reach spaces. Contacting a seasoned pest extermination company is a better course of action. 
Our technicians will arrive on-site to conduct a detailed interior and exterior inspection of the property to determine the nature and full extent of the problem. Aside from being effective, our treatment plans have proven safe for our customers and the local environment. In addition to cockroaches, we also have many years of experience eradicating ants, bed bugs, termites, and many other unwanted intruders. 

Experienced Local Provider Of Pest Control Solutions

You are encouraged to speak with the team of professionals with Lindsey Pest Services regarding our pest prevention plans that will keep the premises pest-free all year long. These options include on-site quarterly treatment visits from licensed technicians that target more than 30 of the most common invading pests. Our premium protection plans also offer specialty services, including web removal, wasp nets removal, seasonal mosquito treatment, and more. 
Lindsey Pest Services has been delivering results for residential and commercial customers in this region for decades. Part of our success is attributed to providing high-quality customer service and standing behind the quality of our work with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and estimate.


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