How to Prevent Rodents from Invading Your Jacksonville Home

December 13, 2018

If you stop to think for a moment, what is your worst fear when it comes to the well-being of your home? Fire? Invaders? Damaged wiring? The fact of the matter is, rodents have the potential to bring all three of these fears to fruition, along with a few more that you may not have considered.

rodent on drinking glass

Damaged Wiring and the Potential for Fire

A not-so-fun fact about rodents: their incisors never stop growing. This causes them to chew on anything they can, filing their teeth down constantly, in order to keep them at a reasonable length. The problem this creates is that many of the rodents decide to chew on or through aren't appropriate 'chew' toys.

Surprisingly, the holes that mice and rats chew through your walls are the least of your worries. The true concern comes with the possibility of rodents running into a grouping of wiring in the framework of your home which stands between them and their desired destination. Your best case scenario - an outlet stops working. Your worst case scenario - an electrical fire starts in your home. 

The Rodent Invasion

When rodents invade homes, they look for any crack, hole, or other openings to squeeze through. If the opening is not big enough, they often use their teeth to make it larger. Consider closely examining your home's exterior foundation for any of these potential entry points. Small holes and cracks can easily be sealed with a caulking gun, while bigger access points may require more serious repairs.
Another way to keep rodents away from your home is to reduce or remove the things that attract them to your home. These items may include accessible trash. Look for anything rodents may consider food, and remove these items from your property, or store them in airtight, durable trash cans. In the same way, look for and remove items or overgrowth where small rodents such as mice and rats may be able to hide in and around your home. The further away from your walls rodents remain, the less your chances are that they will choose your home to invade.

The Best Prevention Tip

When it comes to rodents, especially if they have made it past your walls, the best prevention tip is to call a professional. Often times, despite our best efforts, rodents still find a way into our homes to nest. Traps and poisons rarely work. Often, trying to deal with rodents yourself is more frustrating than helpful.

The good news is that Lindsey makes it look easy. If you live in the greater Jacksonville area, don’t hesitate to contact Lindsey Pest Services. You will be amazed at what 60 years of pest control experience looks like for your home.


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