Lindsey Pest Services Trains Traditions House Bedbug Control

June 16, 2016

On December 20, Lindsey Pest Services joined County Extension Agent Erin Harlow in a bed bug training day, at Riverside Traditions House – a drug and alcohol rehab home in Jacksonville. The project was conducted as part of the University of Florida/IFAS/Jacksonville Bed Bug Task Force.

At Riverside, Lindsey President Jennifer Leggett, technicians Drew Leggett and Steve Sprague, and Harlow conducted an educational seminar and discussion with all residents on how to identify bed bugs and reduce populations and how to keep from moving bed bugs between residents, rooms, etc. The session also included education on bed bug control and prevention techniques.

During the day, the team then set up a heat chamber and provided instruction on how to steam furniture. The residents were to monitor the chamber throughout the day to ensure sufficient heat, many items of furniture were steamed, and the sofa was dusted.

“It was a blast working with the men that live there. They were very receptive to the education, and together we will move forward on establishing their protocols,” Leggett said.

Treatments will continue with dust on a two-week rotational basis and steaming as needed. Additionally, monitoring stations have been set up in various places, which will be checked regularly to reveal infestations before they can get out of hand.


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