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January 23, 2017

The dawn of a new year is finally upon us, and with it comes the excitement and hope of brand new experiences, resolutions, friendships, and opportunities. Who knows what the next 12 months will hold? For many of us, a brand new year means starting fresh with our goals and ambitions in life. Maybe climbing the stairs is getting increasingly more tiring and you want to make more trips to the gym this year to build strength and endurance. Maybe you’re hoping to cook more often, or learn about new recipes. The possibilities are endless!

Here at Lindsey Pest Services, we have a few New Year’s resolutions of our own. Our highest priority is to help more people like you with their pest problems! We know how frustrating it can be to spend days, months, even years trying to eliminate unwanted pests in your home with no avail. That’s why we pride ourselves in being the top providers of pest control in Jacksonville, FL. We know that pests have a way of getting your new year off to a rotten start! Here are a few ways these crazy critters can put a downer on your new year:

Termites Eating Your Floorboards
When the weather gets unbearably chilly, all you want to do is stay inside and cuddle up with a good book (or possibly a few dozen episodes of your favorite sit com). Unfortunately, that’s difficult to do when you’re dealing with the constant stress of flimsy, rotting wood due to the infestation of termites. That’s not so relaxing. However, with pest control in Jacksonville, FL, those termites won’t last long!

Mice or Rats Chowing Down on Your Snacks
Waking up on cold winter mornings is a lengthy process. You have to will yourself to step out of the comfort of your warm blankets and then find the slippers that seem to relocate themselves around your room every single night. The last thing you want to find when you finally make it to the kitchen in the morning are bite marks on your favorite snacks! Unlike humans (most of them anyway) mice and rats have no problem taking your favorite food without asking.

Ants Hiding Away in Your Cabinets
Once one member of an ant colony locates stray food, the whole gang comes running. What started as you noticing one little ant by the sink or near the cookie jar can easily turn into an ant epidemic! This will ruin your plans quicker than you can make them, and instead of going out for coffee at the new hipster coffee house downtown, you’ll be frantically trying to rid yourself of these annoying pests.

Bed Bugs Trying to Have a Sleepover
Nothing says “I will never sleep again” like finding a bed bug between your sheets or covers. While these pests are often joked about at bedtime, in reality, they’re not so funny. If you find bed bugs on your bed, skin, or clothing, it’s crucial that you wash every single piece of fabric that the bedbug touched as soon as possible. Bed bugs spread quickly, but if you catch them early enough you can deal with them without screaming and running for the hills. Thankfully, Lindsey Pest Services offers quality pest control in Jacksonville, FL to assist you in eliminating all of these pesky pests!

Lindsey Pest Services – Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL
Here at Lindsey Pest Services we take great pride in our quality extermination methods and pest control treatments. Lindsey Pest Services has decades of experience and extensive knowledge in areas like bed bug control, termites, as well as application techniques. We will work with you to figure out an extermination method that works for your home and family, ensuring that your unwelcome pests are eliminated once and for all. If eliminating pests in your home or business is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, call Lindsey Pest Services today at (904) 350-9406.



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