Problems Fall Rodents Cause And How They Get Inside

October 5, 2018

Most people know that rodents are avid chewers, but did you know why they gnaw so ferociously? They actually have teeth that grow continually. So to prevent their teeth from getting too long, thus preventing them to be able to eat properly, they chew to keep them at a manageable length.

rodent scurrying through the woods

Rodents that usually invade homes, especially in the fall, are mice and rats, with an occasional squirrel now and again. For the most part, squirrels live outdoors in the wild, but they prefer to live in where the conditions are usually more stable and give them constant access to food and water on a daily basis. They are not very picky about their food, although seeds and nuts are their favorite.

If your home has any gaps or holes in the foundation or exterior walls, or if you have missing or damaged screens, vents, soffits, or chimney caps, rodents can easily gain access to your home. Small mice can fit through a hole as small as a nickel, and others can chew their way indoors as long as they can get a tooth-hold.

Common rodents in the area are house mice and roof rats as well as Norway rats, better known as sewer rats. They are active day and night but are most active just before sunrise and just after sunset. They seek shelter in dark warm areas close to food and water. They get into kitchens, pantries, and all kinds of garbage.

The main concerns with rodents are disease and fire. They carry and transmit disease on their bodies and in their saliva, urine, and feces. They also introduce parasites into your home. And, since rodents are avid chewers, if they gnaw on an electrical wire, it may spark and become a dangerous fire that may cause a lot of damage. They can also damage personal items, furniture, and other parts of your home such as insulation, attics, wall voids and the like.

At the first sign of rodents inside your home, you should call on a professional right away because they breed rapidly, proliferating the existing infestation. That way you can stop any chance of health risk or damage to your home.

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