Summer Buggin’ – You Need An Exterminator In Jacksonville

April 27, 2017

Most people breathe a sigh of relief when winter comes to an end and the sweet signs of summer are right around the corner. Even in Florida, with our mild winter weather, the changing of seasons brings a sense of excitement. People start to enjoy their yard more, make trips to the beach, and relax in the sun for hours. Unfortunately, while this weather tends to bring people out of their shell, it brings the bugs along too.

Here at Lindsey Pest Services, we want to help you enjoy the weather without the nagging worry that insects or rodents might be infiltrating your home. We offer consultation, inspection, and quality services from an experienced exterminator in Jacksonville. There’s no need for you to stress out about the possibility of pests! Here are a few things you can do more of when you’re not worried about the threat of pests in your home.

3 Ways You Can Have More Fun With The Help Of An Exterminator In Jacksonville

1.  Relax On The Beach

While an exterminator in Jacksonville is securing your home against the threat of pests, you can take this time to relax for a few hours on one of your favorite beaches. Your mind won’t have to revert to worrying about the sanctity of your home because you know that one of Lindsey Pest Services’ qualified professionals has your back when it comes to pest control.

 2.  Take The Kids To The Park

Spend a fun afternoon or evening taking the kids to enjoy a local park. Pack a meal, bring a few games, and let your kids get some energy out while you relax. While we’re catching the pests at your house, your kids might enjoy catching butterflies or even fireflies (if you choose to go to the park at night). When you get back, your home will be pest-free!

 3.  Spend More Time Working On Hobbies

If you are spending large chunks of time worrying about the pests in your home, it’s likely that you have not had a lot of spare time to spend on hobbies. Take a breather and spend some time doing something you love, whether that be writing, music, sports, knitting – you name it. We want to give you time to relax while one of our professional exterminators in Jacksonville rids your home of pests.

Lindsey Pest Services

Lindsey Pest Services wants to take the anxiety out of the incoming summer season. Even if your home is completely pest-free, we can help you with a few preventative measures to keep roaches, rodents, ants, spiders, and more away from your home all summer long. Let us give you peace of mind knowing that your home is free of unwanted pests.


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