Termite and Ant Swarmers - Oh My Oh My!

June 24, 2020

It's is spring, and the insects are swarming. If you sit outside long enough, you may even see them congregate on your arm.  What are they doing, and do they bite or sting?

As months get warmer and humidity increases, termites and ants swarm.  They do this to mate, start new nests, and to increase their population. When they swarm, they fly off to new locations to form new colonies. 

termite infestation

Are Swarming Termites And Ants Dangerous?

When termites and ants swarm, they have one objective: to find a mate. They pose no physical threat to you, your family members, or your pets. However, swarming insects inside or near your home may be an indicator of an ant or termite problem and should be addressed immediately.

How Can I Tell The Difference Between Termite And Ant Swarmers?

To the untrained eye, termite and ant swarmers are difficult to tell apart. However, there's are some subtle features that will help you differentiate one from the other:

Look at the antennae. Ants have elbowed antennae whereas termite antennae are straight.

Inspect the waist of the insect. Ants have a narrow, pinched waist whereas termites' waists are broad and straight.

Look at the wings. Both termites and ants have four wings. Ants have two pairs that differ in size with a large pair in the front and a smaller pair in the back. Both sets of termite wings are the same size.

It may be difficult to locate the insect species itself. If you find discarded wings, save them. If you're struggling to identify the insect species in your home, reach out to a professional. An expert will be able to determine your problem by studying the insect itself or inspecting your home for behaviors linked to a specific species.

The Professionals At Lindsey Pest Services Can Help

If you are finding insects inside of your home, you likely have a problem and should reach out to a professional. Our experts at Lindsey Pest Services will inspect your home to determine the species of insect that's causing you problems. We will then find where the insects are nesting, locate entry points, and suggest the best way to mitigate the problem.

Whether you're experiencing problems with ants or termites, we will come up with a plan that is tailored to your unique pest problem. We will determine if ants are foraging in your home or living inside. We will identify whether Subterranean or drywood termites infested your structure. From there, we will move forward with a customized plan to solve your insect problem. If you noticed insects swarming in your home or on your property or are worried about an infestation, reach out to us today. 


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