Termite Awareness Week Starts March 11

March 6, 2018

Termites are present in every state in the U.S. but can be particularly troublesome in the south where the weather stays warm and doesn’t kill them off in winter. In Jacksonville and Northern Florida subterranean termites are a big concern. Many people aren’t aware of how destructive and prevalent termites can be which is why the National Pest Management Association created termite awareness week. Termite awareness week takes place March 11-17, 2018. Lindsey Pest Services is bringing awareness to the issues that termites can cause in hopes that homeowners can prevent costly damage to their homes by taking steps to prevent termite infestations. The Professional Pest Management Alliance is hoping that regardless of location, all pest control companies work together to take part in termite awareness week.

a termite on the porch of a northern florida home

Termite Problems In Northern Florida

We all know pests can be more problematic in Florida than in other parts of the country because of our warm climate. Termites are no exception. They can be active all year long, infesting your home and causing costly structural damage.  

Termites will eat any source of wood but tend to prefer to nest in damp areas. One way to help avoid them is to keep your property dry. Seal up leaky faucets and hoses and control moisture in basements and attics with dehumidifiers. Rake up yard debris so the ground can dry out and keep excess wood away from your house (such as firewood piles and construction debris).  

If you do see signs of an infestation, such as swarming termites, piles of what looks like sawdust, insect wings that are shed, or hear quiet sounds in your walls that shouldn’t be there. You need to call the experts at Lindsey Pest Services immediately. Termites eat so much wood that they can damage the structural integrity of your home.  

Lindsey Pest Services Can Rid Your Home Of Termites

It’s always best to take precautionary measures against termite infestations. Lindsey Pest Services can help using a baiting technique proven to work to control subterranean termites. The Sentricon® System we use is proven to be an effective barrier against termites. Termites will eat the bait placed in underground bait systems around your home. They will bring that back to the colony and die off, including killing the queen. Without the queen the colony cannot survive.

The traps are underground and accessed with a special key so that they cannot be accessed by children or disturbed by pets. They are checked periodically by our technicians. At Lindsey we can also spot treat and treat dry wood termites if we determine that to be an issue for your Jacksonville home.  

We are ready for termite awareness week and hope to help you prevent termite infestations in your Northern Florida home.


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