What You Should Know About Hornet Dangers In Jacksonville 

November 10, 2020

These stinging insects have got a bee in their bonnets about you, and they’ll make their presence known one way or another!

a head on look of a hornet

Hornets are the largest of the eusocial wasps, creating nests that house dozens of angry, stinging fiends. They are best identified by their large 5.5 centimeters to 2-inch bodies, yellow and black stripes, and wasp-like characteristics. Hornets often construct large nests around the eaves of houses, tree boughs, and unused buildings.

You may not realize it, but hornets are much more dangerous than other species of wasps, even when compared to wasps and bees. The average hornet contains much more potent venom than other species and possesses the ability to sting multiple times. For certain victims, these stings can be potentially fatal. Whether or not your family is weak to hornet attacks, you can be sure that their presence will be felt all over the lawn.

Jacksonville Residents’ Hornet Prevention Tips

Hornets must be taken always seriously, especially here in Jacksonville. Some of the best ways to make your FL yard less appealing to wasps and other stinging insects include:

  • Reduce standing moisture on the property, and use dirt, concrete, or even a shovel to level out the ground and remove puddling points. 

  • Rotten, insect-attracting fruit around the bases of trees should be gathered and disposed of immediately.

  • Store garbage and other food waste in bins with heavily sealed lids, and remove trash at least once a week. 

  • Hornets can appear at any time during the growing season, making them difficult to prevent, but the use of ongoing professional pest treatments may help to remove nests in the early stages of development.

While the above tips may help you mitigate hornet nest establishment in the yard, they cannot take the place of professional hornet control methods enacted by trained agents. Get an inspection you can count on by contacting the agents at Lindsey Pest Services now!

Save Your Skin – Let Lindsey Pest Services In!

Hornets are no laughing matter, even if your home is not currently facing an infestation. With food, water, and shelter as the only factors on their minds, these dangerous insects can appear on any property at any time. Removing stinging insects from the home on your own may yield disastrous results, ending in stings, welts, and even possible hospitalization.  
It is extremely dangerous to attempt handling an existing hornet infestation on your own. If a nest, infestation, or another form of hornet close contact is endangering your property, contact the professionals at Lindsey Pest Services right away. With over 10,000 homes and 2,000 businesses in the Jacksonville, FL area trusting us for safe and reliable services, there’s no situation we can’t handle – guaranteed! Agents are regularly trained, certified in their areas of expertise, and equipped with some of the best pest treatments developed today. We believe in long-lasting pest strategy, which is why we eliminate, remove, and prevent hornet nests from returning on every property we care for. 
Let the pest experts of Lindsey Pest Control care for your property when you call or visit our Jacksonville office today. Got questions? We’ve got answers! Simply send your inquiries through the online contact form available at the bottom of the web page. We promise to have your home safe and hornet free as soon as possible. Get help today! 


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