Why Bed Bugs Are Nearly Impossible To Eliminate On Your Own

April 22, 2019

a festering clonony of bed bugs crawling along the cotton sheets of a florida resident

Not all pests are built alike. Some are big. Some are small. Some are easy to treat. Others are nearly impossible. Bed bugs are one of those pests that are both small and nearly impossible to eliminate on your own. This is due to their adept evasion skills and ability to remain undetected for long periods of time. This is how they do it.

How Bed Bugs Evade DIY Pest Control

An adult bed bug is roughly 2.5mm in length, making them incredibly difficult to spot. Combine this with the fact that bed bugs are nocturnal insects that usually only emerge to feed during the night, and you have yourself a very elusive pest. In addition, when bed bugs are faced with the danger of store-bought pest control, they are quick at retreating to areas that aren’t easily treatable, such as inside wall voids, within furniture, behind baseboards, or inside cracks and crevasses throughout your house. This can make DIY options ineffective and may leave you wondering how bed bugs keep managing to return after treatments.

Why Treatments With Lindsey Are Designed Not To Fail

Because of the nature of bed bugs and their ability to avoid many methods of treatment, here at Lindsey we use one treatment that leaves bed bugs with no way of escape. We use heat treatments, a method that heats your home to a temperature lethal to bed bugs but safe for the home. This method reaches every nook and cranny, throughout walls, inside cracks, and behind baseboards to find every last hiding bed bug. In addition, our heat treatments are faster than conventional pest control and do not require multiple visits due to its efficiency at eliminating bed bugs. This means you only have to leave your home for a day while we treat, and will not have to spend money on a hotel.

Here at Lindsey, we pride ourselves on the quality of our pest control and on our unbeatable customer service. If you are finding bed bugs in your home, don’t stress yourself out with DIY treatments. Instead, give the professionals here at Lindsey a call. We would be happy to walk through our process with you and make sure we find the right way to treat your individual home. Let us help you find your freedom from pests.


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