Why Call Lindsey Pest Services If Fire Ants Have Taken Over Your Property

July 9, 2019

Summer has returned and with it, all sorts of pests. While these pests may not be doing any more than trying to survive, in the process, these pests can cause major problems for homeowners. Fire ants are only one of the pests that can be a big problem. If you find fire ants on your property this summer, call Lindsey Pest Services.

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Why Summer is Fire Ant Season

Fire ants are a year-round problem in Florida, but they prefer hot temperatures and will slow down in the cooler months. That makes summer the prime active season for these dangerous pests. Summer is when fire ants are most active and when their populations swell in number.

Fire ants eat a variety of foods and are drawn to meats, greasy items, and sweet foods. They will also eat other insects and small animals, such as earthworms, that are found in the ground. If your lawn tends to have a lot of these other animals and pests in it, fire ants will be more likely to make your property home.

Why Fire Ants are Dangerous

If you’ve never been bitten by a fire ant, consider yourself lucky. As their name suggests, fire ant bites leave behind a painful burning sensation. While one bite might not be too bad, the real problem with fire ants is that they are rarely alone. If you accidentally step on a fire ant mound, dozens or even hundreds of ants will swarm over you and you’ll be left with just as many bites. This is excruciating for anyone but can be deadly for people with allergies or the very young or very old.

Why DIY Fire Ant Treatments Don’t Work

In order to eliminate your fire ant problem, you must get to the root of it. This is a difficult and dangerous job. At best, DIY treatments deal with the symptoms, temporarily making the problem less severe before it returns. At worst, DIY treatments can make the problem worse. Sometimes, when sensing danger, ants will separate their colony into two or more colonies, thereby increasing your problem.

Why Call Lindsey Pest Services if Fire Ants Have Taken Over Your Property

If fire ants invade your property, the best thing you can do is get professional ant control from Lindsey Pest Services. We can completely eliminate your fire ant problem at its root so that you won’t have to worry about it returning at a later date. To learn more about our fire ant control, contact us!

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