Why You Need Professional Wasp Control For Your Jacksonville Property

June 24, 2022

Did you know that a wasp can sting you and not die? Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple people multiple times and not die, which makes them extremely dangerous to have on your Jacksonville property.

With the weather in Jacksonville being ideal the majority of the year, it’s no wonder stinging creatures love this city just as much as residents and tourists. Unfortunately, their love for Jacksonville conflicts with yours, especially if you see wasps in or around your property. If wasps are becoming more dangerous than a nuisance, it’s time to call Jacksonville Pest Control.

wasp nest in tree

Why Wasps Are A Huge Problem For Jacksonville Homeowners In The Summer

If you’re a Jacksonville homeowner, you love the warm weather, the sun, and the beaches; they all make good reasons to enjoy your outdoor space fully. That usually comes in the form of cookouts, gardening, or simply relaxing on your patio or deck.

You may not realize it, but wasps are avid meat-eaters in the spring and summer. Any plates with leftover meats on them after a cookout will attract wasps to satisfy their protein-rich diet during that time of the year.

In the fall and winter, wasps gravitate more towards sweet foods. Fruit trees in your yard will attract them as well as left-out beverages or soda cans.

Other wasp attractants are flowers, other insects, and your home. As a homeowner, knowing what attracts them will help you implement preventive measures to make your home less attractive.

The Downsides Of DIY Wasp Removal

DIY has become a popular trend in the last decade. It not only saves you money, but you feel a sense of pride from doing a particular project and learning a new skill. However, there are certain DIY projects that you should leave to the professionals, and wasp removal is one of those. Here’s why:

  • Risk Of Being Stung: When you try to remove a wasp nest at the wrong tie of the day, you may be stung. The best time to remove wasp nests is at sunrise or dusk, when they’re least active.
  • Risk Of Falling: Wasps will build their nests wherever, but you can guarantee their nests will always be up high. Using a ladder to remove a nest is dangerous. The moment a wasp darts at you to protect its nest, you run the risk of falling from a higher elevation.
  • Risk Of Nest Removal: When removing a wasp nest, you run the risk of being stung multiple times, and you don’t want to remove only the nest you see. It would be best if you did a complete sweep of your home and yard to locate all nests to ensure you didn’t miss one. 

After learning the downfalls, you can see that the risks outweigh the cost. Don’t attempt wasp removal on your own. Call Lindsey Pest Services today.

Why Professional Treatment Is Always The Best Move With Wasps

With the downsides of DIY wasp removal, professional treatment should be the apparent option. With wasp control in Jacksonville, you can have all wasp nests removed from your property. This will bring peace of mind and safety to your home, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Why Call Lindsey Pest Services For Wasp Control In Jacksonville

At Lindsey Pest Services, we care about every customer and make it our business to safeguard your home and family from dangerous stinging insects like wasps. Not only are these pests an aggressive nuisance, but they can cause mild to severe allergic reactions if stung multiple times. This type of pest isn't one you want to have around your home.

To learn more about our wasp removal services and other pest control services, give us a call, and one of our expert technicians will explain your options.


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