Why You Shouldn’t Try to Handle Stinging Insects Alone

August 31, 2018

We all know that stinging insects like bald-faced hornets, paper wasps, and yellow jackets have some good qualities: they are predators and keep nuisance insect populations down and are responsible for some pollination of plants and crops. But, just because we know their good qualities doesn’t mean that we can ignore their bad qualities! These stinging insects have the potential to be very dangerous, especially when nesting on residential properties in close proximity to play areas, home entrances and exits, walkways, and garden areas. These wasps won’t hesitate to defend themselves or their nests from perceived threats, which could be as simple as your kids playing too close to their nest, by attacking it and delivering multiple, painful stings. Also, these stinging insects have very strong venom that has the potential to cause severe allergic reactions in some people that will require immediate medical attention.

wasp on glass cup

If you discover that a stinging insect nest has been built on your property in an area that makes them a danger to you, your family, and your pets, you may be tempted to use a DIY stinging insect control product that you found at your local big box store to get rid of them. However, this is a bad idea for several reasons, some of which include:

The chemicals found in DIY stinging insect control products can be very dangerous for you, your kids, and your pets to be around, especially if they are not used in the proper concentrations or in the correct manner.
DIY products often require you to get very close to the nest. This can be a problem as your presence and the fact that you are spraying chemicals on their nest can cause the wasps you are trying to get rid of to become very aggressive. The mix of angry wasps and dangerous chemicals sets you up for a very real chance of being stung multiple times.
DIY products often only work to kill some of the members of the colony you are trying to eliminate. The remaining members of the colony often will return to the same area to rebuild their nest, leaving you no better off than when you started!
DIY stinging insect control products can harm beneficial pollinators such as honeybees or bumblebees.
The safest way to remove a stinging insect nest from your property is to contact a professional pest control expert. Professionals can correctly identify the species of stinging insect on your property and provide the targeted treatments needed to eliminate these dangerous pests from your property and keep them from returning.

At Lindsey Pest Services, we can eliminate dangerous nests that were built by wasps like bald-faced hornets, paper wasps, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects through our highly-effective wasp control and hornet removal services! We have the modern equipment and expertise needed to swiftly and safely rid your property of these stinging pests. Our professionals will always keep you, your family, and your neighbor’s safety in mind and will come to your property to remove the wasp nests when they are at their least active — at dawn or dusk. After our initial visit and the removal of the nest, our professionals will return to your property to look for and eliminate any remaining wasps to prevent them from rebuilding their nest on your property. To learn more about our wasp control and hornet removal services, give our professionals a call today!


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