Jacksonville's Complete Guide To Effective German Cockroach Control

It is challenging to get control of cockroaches. It is even more challenging to gain control of German cockroaches. In the entire world, the German cockroach reigns supreme. Therefore, this guide will be, in many respects, the penultimate guide to cockroach control. Here's how it works.

german cockroach on a leaf

Unique Challenges With German Cockroaches

  • All cockroaches are born with certain chemical resistances. They have acquired resistance from exposure to pest control products. The German cockroach, being the most common cockroach globally, has had more exposure to synthetic insecticides and thus has developed more of a resistance.

  • Some populations of German cockroaches have become bait averse. They've altered their taste receptors to perceive the sugary taste of cockroach bait as bitter.

  • German cockroaches are one of the small cockroach species. Therefore, you have to work harder to find and seal gaps and cracks they will use to get into your property.

  • German cockroaches can live inside your home without ever having to go back outside.

Methodology of Control

Since German cockroaches can be resistant to chemicals and averse to baits, the first step is to use pest maintenance and exclusions to create a level of control. These methods will not only deter cockroach reproduction, but they will also help to protect you from the spread of diseases.

Interior Pest Maintenance

  • Clean and deep clean your kitchen. Get every crack and crevice. Get floors and surfaces. Get underneath your appliances. Get the sockets your kitchen drawers are in and the cabinet underneath your sink.

  • Clean your bathroom. German cockroaches can find many food sources in a bathroom. They eat hair, dead skin, feces, and also toothpaste.

  • Address leaky faucets or pipes. These provide water sources for roaches.

  • Store pantry food in sealed containers.

  • Soak dirty dishes in soapy water until you're ready to clean them.

  • Place dog or cat food down only during meal times.

  • Keep trash in sealed, plastic containers.

  • Refrain from leaving unprotected food out on your kitchen counters, island, or table.

Exterior Pest Maintenance

  • Keep your exterior trash receptacles clean and free of odors.

  • Remove trash from your property weekly.

  • Remove leaf litter and other organic debris near your exterior walls.

  • Make sure leaves, sticks, or soil do not block your gutters.

  • Move objects away from your exterior walls so that cockroaches can't hide under them.

  • Trim your landscape vegetation to create good airflow and a dry habitat.


There are many common entry points German cockroaches use to get into Jacksonville properties. Take time to inspect these and consider applying products to keep cockroaches out.

Exterior doors. There are many ways a small German cockroach can get past your exterior doors. It may crawl right underneath if your door sweeps are inadequate. It may squeeze through a gap around the door if your weatherstripping isn't doing its job. It may take advantage of wood holes created by carpenter ants and other pests.

Exterior windows. Damaged screens, gaps around your frames, broken panes, and wood rot are catalysts for cockroach entry.

Foundation penetrations. Many objects can penetrate your foundation walls, such as your water main, wire conduits, or sewage pipe. Make sure all of these have a good seal around them.

Vents. A vent cover can do a great job of keeping a rodent out of your home, but it won't do much to keep a roach out. Consider applying screen material to your vents for added protection.

Louvers. If your home has louvers, you may want to invest in a steel mesh to protect your home from roaches. This will have a secondary effect of helping to keep squirrels out.

Soffits. German cockroaches can scale your exterior walls. If you're able, inspect your soffits for gaps and seal them with a caulking material.

Crawl space. Properties that have a crawl space underneath are uniquely vulnerable to cockroach infestations. The crawl space of a structure is a shaded, moist zone. This is the perfect environment for roaches.

Direct Removal

If you find German cockroaches hiding in a location you're inspecting or cleaning, go get your vacuum. You can suck these insects up and dispose of the bag outside. Once you're done removing the roaches, you can finish cleaning the area where you found them. If roaches return to the place you've cleaned, you'll be able to tell because their black feces will be noticeable on the clean surfaces.

Targeted Control Products

When products must be used to get control of German cockroaches, it is best to have a licensed pest management professional handle the task. These insects are tough to control if you do not have the training and experience required.

If you live in Jacksonville, reach out to Lindsey Pest Control if German cockroaches keep giving you trouble. We use field-tested methods to counteract the incredible defensive characteristics of this cockroach species. It's easy to get started. Hop down to our contact form and schedule a service visit. We are standing by to help!