The Flies That Are Bothering Everyone In Jacksonville 

Are you dealing with flies in your Jacksonville home? Do you know what kind of fly you're battling? Are they tiny and did they appear in large numbers seemingly overnight? Are they large, dark-colored flies that buzz around your head and land on your food? Or are they a metallic green/blue and like to hang out in the cat's litter box? There are many flies that drive us crazy here in Jacksonville, Florida, the most common being fruit flies, house flies, and blow flies.

flies found in florida home

Fruit Flies

These tiny creatures are most abundant in summer and around harvest season, but they are active year round. They are common in kitchens and throughout man-made structures. Fruit flies are oval-shaped, ⅛ - 3/16 of an inch in length, have striped abdomens and red or black eyes. The most common way these flies get into homes is by hitching a ride on fruit from the grocery store. If they find the right conditions in a home (perhaps a half-eaten apple in a hidden place) they will settle in and multiply like crazy, going from a few flies to a large swarm in a few days.

While historically, fruit flies have not been linked to specific illnesses, at least one study has suggested that a Tephritid fly (the Mediterranean fruit fly) could transmit the disease-causing bacteria E. coli.

House Flies

House flies are around ¼ of an inch in length, are usually grey, and have four black stripes on the thorax. With extremely complex eyes that have thousands of individual lenses, it is no surprise that these flies can easily avoid most attempts at swatting them. They literally have eyes on the backs of their heads!

House flies have taste receptors on their feet. This is bad news for homeowners since house flies feed on anything from pet waste to a piece of chocolate cake left out on the counter, potentially transmitting dangerous pathogens from one place to the next. House flies are known to pick up bacteria, fungi and viruses and can cause food poisoning, dysentery and tuberculosis in humans.

Blow Flies

These metallic-looking flies are a little larger than house flies, measuring up to ⅝ of an inch in length. Usually black, metallic green, blue, or bronze, these colorful flies like feeding on decaying meats, carcasses of dead animals, and garbage. Homeowners may notice these flies in the yard, on pet waste or inside, hanging out around the trash can.

Since these flies feed, breed and live on rotting organic materials, they can spread dangerous bacterial and disease-causing organisms on their feet and bodies. These pathogens can be brought from filthy areas onto food-prep surfaces, dishes, or foods left out.

What Attracts Flies To Properties?

Outside, there are many things that can make a property appealing to flies. One major attractant for flies is open garbage cans. If receptacles are without lids, have cracks in them, or the lids do not fit properly, this will allow smells to leak out and flies to get in. If flies can get into the garbage, they will lay eggs and, before you know it, you'll have a trash can full of wiggly maggots.

Flies will also come around if you have compost, pet waste, or other decomposing materials in your yard.

Another thing that attracts flies is food left outside. This can be anything from crusty meat stuck to the grill to pet food left out on the porch. In addition to these, fruits, berries, or vegetables in gardens can be an attractant.

Fly Prevention Tips

  • Check fruits before bringing them home and keep them stored in the fridge or in airtight containers.
  • Remove trash from your home and from your property weekly.
  • Clean trash receptacles so organic materials don't have time to decompose.
  • Remove pet waste from your yard on a regular basis.
  • Make sure all of your window and door screens are present and in good repair.
  • Don't keep doors or windows open.

How Lindsey Pest Services Can Help

Although there are steps a homeowner can do to reduce the number of flies buzzing about, complete fly elimination is typically not possible without the help of a professional pest control company. At Lindsey Pest Services, we offer fly control services for homes and businesses in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and throughout our service area. Don't allow flies to spread filth and disease in your home, reach out to Lindsey today!


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