The Problem With Flies In Your Jacksonville Home

May 10, 2022

We have many types of flies that get into homes in our area. These different kinds of flies present a variety of problems, and each requires a slightly different approach when it comes to getting rid of them. Let's take a look at common Jacksonville fly pests and discuss how fly pest control in Jacksonville works to get rid of flies.

many flies on a piece of fruit

Flies Multiply Quickly

The problem with some flies is that they reproduce quickly. These types of flies are tiny. When you start to see little flies everywhere, the flies you're seeing are likely to be fruit flies, fungus flies, phorid flies, or drain flies. It is important to properly identify what flies you're dealing with because, as an example, fruit flies and fungus flies are controlled in an entirely different way.

If you need assistance with pest identification, keep in mind that you can take a picture of the fly you're dealing with and send it to us here at Lindsey Pest Services, or you can request an inspection. We will let you know what flies are pestering you and help you determine the best course of action.

Flies Are Unsanitary

The problem with most flies is that they are unsanitary. These flies, often called garbage flies, are prone to getting into trash and other dirty places. This is because they're attracted to rotting organic matter. For this reason, Garbage flies can present a health concern in your home as they can go from a trash receptacle to a sensitive location in a matter of seconds. While this health concern is most often low, it should not be ignored.

Flies Can Be Hard To Get Rid Of

The problem with all flies is that the obvious solution isn't really a solution. If your first option is to grab a swatter, you should know that this will only address the symptom; it won't address the source. You can swat flies all day every day and never correct a fly problem. The same is true of hanging up sticky traps or placing a bug zapper on your property. The products that are used to kill or capture flies are not going to stop flies from driving you crazy in your home.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Flies

We've talked about the problems flies present; let's look at the solution. Each of the different kinds of flies we have in Jacksonville presents different issues that need to be handled in different ways, but all flies must be dealt with at the source if you want to get rid of flies for good. It is also important to note that arresting a fly infestation isn't as much about what products to use as it is about what strategy to use.

When you find little flies everywhere, or you keep getting routine visits from larger flies, the best solution is to get professional assistance. A licensed professional will properly identify the flies in your home, located breeding sites or conducive conditions, and apply a treatment to arrest the issue. A professional can also help you prevent future fly problems by setting up a year-round pest control plan for your property.

Fly Control In Jacksonville

Whether you're seeing little flies everywhere, or you have routine appearances of flies in your Jacksonville home, reach out to Lindsey Pest Services for assistance with fly control issues. We can guide you in finding the right solution to get rid of the flies in your home and stop other flies from getting into your home. Connect with us today. We can help.


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