A Guide To Termite Swarmers For Jacksonville Property Owners 

March 26, 2021

Pest management should always be a priority for Jacksonville home and business owners. They shouldn’t wait for insects and creatures to show up before they focus on it. In many cases, taking action after an invasion is evident is unwise. Sometimes by then, too much wreckage has been done. Furthermore, several critters can slip indoors and populate fast without you ever being privy to it. The potential threats run the gamut, from building damage to physical illness.

termite alates swarmers in water

Termites are infamously called “silent killers.” This is because these insects conceal themselves in walls and often eat wood from the inside out. Most folks won’t know they’re around until the worst happens. Americans pay a total of $5 billion each year to recuperate from these bugs. Learn how you can defeat them with Lindsey Pest Services.

What Can Termite Swarmers Do?

Termites are pests that are active throughout the year. Each of the multiple subspecies has a different peak season. Some of the most common classes mate over the spring. Regardless of the type, procreation always falls on the swarmers. These winged insects are ½ of an inch long. In terms of color, they are brown, black, or yellow. When it’s time to make their debut, they will fly out of the nest and zoom toward a light source. Then, they’ll get to preparing a new colony. Seeing swarmers is a primary sign of infestation because worker and soldier termites generally sit behind foundations. Workers are typically tiny and white, being about  0.12 of an inch long. Soldiers tend to be yellow-brown. They have thick jaws and rectangular heads. Additional signs of infestation are:

  • Finding the translucent and scaly wings of swarmers
  • Coming across stacks of fecal frass around termite maze patterns, mud tubes, and holes
  • Knocking on walls and hearing hollowness
  • Hearing rustling, clicking, and other noises inside walls 
  • Having peeling paint that looks stained
  • Noticing that drywall is slumping and altering in color
  • Creaking floorboards and slacken tiles 
  • Stuck or tight window frames and doors

The bases and walls of your home or business will deteriorate as termites boom. They could become so unstable that they could topple on someone, and then facing the injury or death of a relative, customer, or employee will be overwhelming. The stress wouldn’t stop there. You might have to consider leaving your house for a new one or shutting down your establishment. The only bright side with termites is that they aren’t vessels for disease, just allergic reactions.

How Can Termite Swarmers Be Prevented?

You can get the upper hand with termites, but doing so is going to require effort. You’ll have to painstakingly pay attention to your land and the structural quality of your residence or company. To make sure that swarmers don’t have a solid resting spot, do this:

  • Remove or fix wood that is damaged or decaying 
  • Have leaks and broken utilities repaired; mainly those moistening wood 
  • Seal cracks in utility lines, caulk, and foundations
  • Add screens to all exterior vents 
  • Clean out vents and gutters routinely  
  • Never allow loose wood, such as fire logs, to have contact with soil
  • Sit greenery and free wood feet away from the property
  • Trim grass and plants often

What Can Lindsey Pest Services Do About Termite Swarmers?

The skilled technicians at Lindsey Pest Services will exhaust every state-of-the-art avenue at their disposal to find and eradicate termite colonies on your property. Moisture meters, TermaTrack T3i All Sensors, and more will be used for detection. Sentricon with Always Active and liquid precision injection treatments will be employed for extermination. Warranties come with our cost-friendly services. Schedule a free inspection today by calling us at Lindsey Pest Services!


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