Defending Your Wardrobe: The Battle Against Clothing Moths In Jacksonville

November 20, 2023

Have you ever looked in your wardrobe and found clothing with holes in them? This is a common occurrence. What is difficult to assess is where these holes came from. To be honest, there are more than a few different things that can lead to damaged clothing. Something that it could be is clothing moths.

We are going to take some time today to help you discern if these pests are causing trouble inside your home. If you know that you are dealing with a clothing moth infestation in Jacksonville and want these pests gone fast, call our team at Lindsey Pest Services. We will find a quick answer to your pest problem. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about the moths in Jacksonville and why they might want to get into your closet.

clothing moth on fabric

Understanding Clothing Moths: Anatomy, Behavior And Lifecycle

Clothing moths, also called clothes moths, are a local moth species that is less defined by appearance and more by what they consume. There are several different types of moths around the world that love to nibble on clothing. They all start out as eggs and develop into larvae, then adults through the process of cocooning. This whole process can take anywhere from a few months to over a year, with the larvae stage taking up the most time.

Interestingly, adults are not the ones who cause trouble. It is their larvae that are the real problem. This is because they consume fabrics. Adults do not. 

Undercover Intruders: The Origins Of Clothing Moth Invasions

If you find clothes moth larvae inside your sock drawer, they are there for a reason. The main way these pests get indoors is by flying in. Adults have large wings that allow them to flutter around rather easily. They often use their ability of flight to get in through windows, doors, and other exterior entry points that are usually the result of some sort of damage.

If you would like to find less of these pests inside, you will need to address these entry points. Here are some practical ways to do this.

Preventing Clothing Moths: Proactive Measures For Wardrobe Protection

It doesn’t matter if you have small moths or large moths inside your home. If these pests want to eat your clothing, they will. To keep your belongings safe, here are some quick moth prevention tips and tricks to consider.

  • Wash all of your clothing on high heat.
  • Store clothing inside air-tight containers when you are not using them regularly.
  • Seal gaps, holes, and cracks around the exterior of your home.
  • Make sure all of your doors and windows have proper seals and are in good repair.
  • Check used clothing for eggs and larvae before bringing them into your home.

If you are trying to deal with an active infestation or are looking for help keeping these bugs out of your home year-round, we have what you need at Lindsey Pest Services. Talk with our team to learn more.

Pro Pest Control: The Expert Touch For Total Clothing Moth Control

The longer you live with a moth infestation, the more likely you are to find damage to your clothing. To make sure these pests do not cause trouble inside your home or to deal with an existing problem, bring in our team at Lindsey Pest Services.

We will inspect your living areas, find out what types of moths you are dealing with, and suggest a treatment to get and keep these pests out. Reach out to Lindsey Pest Services now to learn more about our advanced services or to schedule home pest control for your Jacksonville home.


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