Do I Need Professional Flea Control For My Jacksonville Home?

February 20, 2023

Dealing with fleas can be a real annoyance – everybody can agree on that. What most people aren't aware of, however, is that fleas aren't just annoying. They pose a serious health risk to homeowners and pets alike. If you're on the fence about whether or not you need professional intervention for a flea problem, don't wait another day!

Lindsey Pest Services is the number one solution for pest control in Jacksonville. We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to help you take your home back from fleas once and for all.

First, it's worth covering how you may identify fleas in your home in the first place. In a climate like ours, bugs are bound to make the occasional breach into our homes. We may open the door for a second or two and accidentally let a bug inside – that's fine and normal. If fleas make an appearance in your home, however, they're likely to gain a quick foothold.

fleas on a dog

How Can I Tell If It's Fleas In My Home?

Identifying fleas can be a bit tricky. If you're unsure whether you've seen a flea or another bug, it's worth brushing up on some tips for identifying them. So, what are fleas?

Fleas are extremely small insects that can almost fit on the head of a pin. They are reddish-brown and have strong hind legs they use to jump surprising distances. Because of their speed and small size, many people with a flea infestation will not necessarily see these parasites themselves. Instead, they may notice flea dirt – black specks in pet fur or carpets that indicate fleas have settled in and are multiplying. 

Other signs of fleas include itchy bites, especially on your ankles and lower legs, and pets that are scratching more than normal or even losing hair from constant digging at the bites on their skin. 

Fleas Are A Health Hazard To Both People And Pets

Fleas on humans aren't just a sign of a potential infestation with a nearby pet but a real hazard to your health. Fleas aren't big enough to hurt us directly per se, but they are dangerous for other reasons. Here are a few reasons why fleas are hazardous to not only our beloved pets but us, too.

  • Fleas can lay their eggs in well-concealed places, making an infestation extremely persistent.
  • Flea bites are annoying in small quantities, but en masse, they can cause irritation and secondary infections from excess scratching.
  • Fleas can transmit diseases into our blood streams.
  • Fleas can easily evade detection as well as conventional attempts to eradicate them.

As you can see, flea bites on people aren't an issue because of bleeding or tearing like with larger animals. Fleas can bite and transmit a number of diseases to us that are seriously harmful!

Do-It-Yourself Flea Control Is Such A Hassle

Getting rid of fleas on your own is a nigh impossibility. They're too tiny, evasive, and fast at reproducing for any home remedies or DIY solutions to stand a chance at fully removing them. People even ask us about essential oils that repel fleas!

Sadly, home remedies like these just aren't effective. Fleas are good at hiding from other insects and pets like cats, who normally do quite a good job at catching pests. The average homeowner, unfortunately, can't do much about them on their own.

Get Professional Help For Flea Control In Your Home

If you have a flea infestation, it's time to call in the pros. Lindsey Pest Services is your number one solution for tackling a flea infestation on your property. We have the knowledge, training, and tools to help you take your home back from unwanted fleas.

Your pets will thank you, too!


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