How Bad Is It To Have Termites On My Jacksonville Property?

March 4, 2022

A termite problem is something no homeowner wants to discover. When termite removal is needed in Jacksonville, contact a termite specialist near you. Lindsey Pest Services offers affordable termite control that works. Our reputable local termite company team members have the resources and skills required to get rid of termites.

termite damage on a kitchen cabinet

Easy To Spot Signs Of Termites On Your Jacksonville Property

Worried that termites may be invading? It could be time to play detective and investigate the premises for any termite signs. See any of the following?

  • Damage: Go through the home and scrutinize wood areas. Damaged wood may not be immediately evident as these pests can leave surfaces intact as they munch out of sight. Knock or tap on wood; it should feel solid. If hollow sounds are emitted, then there could be a termite problem.

  • Mud Tubes: These dirt-colored tunnels help termites conserve moisture as they travel and are most commonly found outside the house. When an infestation is particularly bad, these tubes can also be found on walls and other places inside.

  • Remnants: This type of pest does not tidy up after itself. Swarmers may leave wings behind; these are usually seen in windowsills and doorways. Termites also leave piles of waste known as frass; this substance may resemble sawdust.

  • Termites: Nymphs or adults, dead or alive- finding a termite indoors can raise a red flag. A trustworthy local termite company can identify what type of termites are found.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Cause To Jacksonville Properties

There are two main issues with this kind of pest. The first problem is the scope of damage these bugs can cause. Termites can generate tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to a single structure by doing what they do best.

The second problem is that these pests don’t generally alert folks to their presence; they can continue destroying the home undetected and unstopped. Termites can literally bring the house down around unsuspecting homeowners before professionals are called in for termite removal. 

Effective Termite Prevention Tips For Jacksonville Properties

Are you interested in keeping these wood-destroying organisms away from the home? Good news! Prevention is possible; implement some of the measures below:

  • Maintain Landscaping: Don’t plant trees, shrubs, or hedges super close to the home. If some plantings are too close to the dwelling, consider having them removed, stump and all; at the very minimum, keep everything trimmed closely.

  • Receiving Regular Termite Inspections: Of all the ways to keep termites off the property, this method is without a doubt the most effective. Working with a termite specialist near you can yield positive results that last.

  • Reduce Moisture: Water and dampness attract termites. Don’t let moisture accumulate near the home's foundation, as this is a danger zone. Use gutters and other tools to divert water from this area during rainstorms. Ensure moisture does not build up in crawl spaces by installing a vapor barrier and proper ventilation.

  • Store Wood Properly: If firewood or any scrap wood is stored onsite, stow it as far away from the residence as possible. Maintain at least 20 feet of distance between the woodpile and the house.

The Secret To Total Termite Control For Jacksonville Properties

Living in Duval County appeals to termites as well as people. How can homeowners stay on top of termite control? There is no real mystery, as the answer to a termite-free home can be found within Lindsey Pest Services. Our technicians inspect the property and apply customized treatments to Jacksonville homes to ensure termites get out and stay out.


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