How Bed Bugs Get Into Jacksonville Homes

January 11, 2021

Many don’t consider bed bugs a real problem. All they know is, if they ever let their clean homes drop to unsanitary levels, a horde of the pests will spontaneously appear in their beds and on their heads. The truth is, bed bugs never just ‘appear’, and they can strike any property – even yours. If you want to make certain your lovely Jacksonville home stays free of bed bugs, you first need to understand where they come from.

a bed bug on sheets

Bed Bug Hot spots And How To Avoid Picking Up Hitchhikers

Despite their name, not every bed bug in the world is born, raised, and killed in some person’s bedroom. After all, they (or their parents) need to find their way into the room somehow! Often, this is through hitchhiking aboard a human at a bed bug hot spot and off boarding as they sleep. Where are these hot spots? Is there any way to avoid picking up hitchhikers while at these hot spots? There are a few ways to avoid these unwanted hitchhikers from taking a ride into your home.

  • We’ve all had a bad experience with an unclean hotel or motel room, and sure enough, dirt and stains shouldn’t be the extent of your concerns. Next time you stay at a hotel, be safe and conduct a thorough search for signs of bed bugs, such as eggs and dead skin, on everything from throw pillows to nightstands.
  • The old story of a bed bug plague sweeping over the entirety of an elementary school’s student body, while certainly extravagant, has kernels of truth to it. All it takes is a single unlucky kid to wander into school with an odd head itch, and suddenly, the whole class is in danger. If there are bed bugs discovered between the hairs your child’s friends, be on the safe side. Give their scalps a deep shampooing and wash any article of clothing worn that could potentially be infected.
  • Just because your buddies at the office are all grown up and graduated from school doesn’t mean they’re free from potentially spreading bed bugs! Apply the same deep clean to yourself as you would your child – and yes, that includes your suits and work attire.

Tips For Avoiding Bed Bugs On Secondhand Furniture

Of all the bed bug hot spots out there (and there are a lot) one stands above the rest. It’s not a location but its so commonplace it deserves its very own list of tips. To put it simply, if you’re ever in the market for secondhand furniture, you need to be very careful to make certain your new used love seat isn’t a home to bed bugs. Here are the telltale signs you need to watch out for on every potential new piece of furniture.

  • Want to know if the couch you’re looking at has bed bugs in it? Why not take a look for live, adult bed bugs? These searches alone may not always be fruitful, as bed bugs are quick to scurry away and hide, but if you search in the darkest nooks and crannies of the furniture, you may just find the proof you need.
  • Eggs are a great way to know for sure that an infestation of bed bugs is on its way. These eggs are very small and solid white in color, but often appear in clusters with other eggs, making them much easier to spot.
  • Gross as it may sound, everyone poops – even insects. A bed bug’s droppings are typically black or red in color and may become smeared on secondhand furniture by unaware humans.

Bed bugs are particularly difficult pests to prevent full stop. Even if you do everything right, you may still discover you’re not alone at night. If you do end up with bed bugs in your Jacksonville home, you’ll need assistance from the professionals Lindsey Pest Services! Don’t wait – contact us right away!


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