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How To Get Rid Of And Prevent Fleas In Your Jacksonville Home

Apr 29, 2022

Fleas are pests that most homeowners don’t think about. Most people assume that fleas aren’t a problem for people at all, and if you don’t have any pets, you might guess that fleas could never get inside of your home. However, neither of these things is true. Fleas in Jacksonville can get inside almost any home, and they can be dangerous to have around for both people and animals. This guide is here to help you learn how to prevent fleas, including how to get pest control in Jacksonville for fleas.

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Signs Of Fleas In Your Home

Fleas often live on pets like cats and dogs, so people with pets in their households should take steps to protect them. You can get in contact with a vet for more information.

However, households without pets can still get fleas through wildlife or rodents. These pest species can carry fleas with them and bring them to your property. That’s why everyone needs to know the following signs of fleas:

  • Small, red bite marks are found around your ankles or feet.
  • If you have pets, one sign of fleas is that pets have started scratching or biting their fur constantly. You should also check for signs of hair loss or pale gums on pets. 
  • Dark flecks in carpet or on furniture are actually “flea dirt.”
  • Discovering flea eggs in the carpet. These eggs are a clear to whitish color and only about the size of a tiny grain of rice. 

Why Do Fleas Bite?

The reason why fleas bite is that they are parasitic pests. This makes them similar to other species, such as bed bugs and ticks. However, fleas don’t actually use people as hosts. While they can still be inside your home and spread around, they don’t live on human skin. They only live in animal fur; but, they will still bite people. They often jump up from the carpet to get a bite from you as you walk by.

They need to consume the blood of mammals to survive, and they aren’t that picky about which warm-blooded species they will bite. So, if they get the chance, they won’t hesitate to use humans as a food source. 

Do Fleas Transmit Diseases?

One of the reasons flea control is so important is that fleas can spread illnesses. They are known to spread one of the most well-known diseases in human history; the bubonic plague. While this is rare, some fleas can still carry this disease. They can also transmit murine typhus.

Since fleas in Jacksonville pose some health risks, the best way to deal with them is by contacting the flea control professionals at Lindsey Pest Services for assistance.

How To Completely Get Rid Of Fleas

If you’ve noticed any signs of fleas around your property, the first thing to do is give Lindsey Pest Services a call to request an inspection. We can help eradicate current flea infestations from your property and then work with you to deter fleas in the future. If you have pets, you should contact your vet to keep your pets protected so they don’t bring a re-infestation of fleas.

Discover more about pest control in Jacksonville by calling us or sending an online message today.

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