How To Keep Indian Meal Moths Out Of Your Jacksonville Pantry

October 9, 2020

It is impossible to prevent Indian meal moths from getting into your pantry. Why? Because pantry moths can already be inside the products you purchase from the grocery store. They can even be inside packages that have not been damaged. So, how on earth do you keep these moths out of your food? Here are three methods that can help you prevent meal moths in Jacksonville from being a part of your meals.

an indian meal moth in a kitchen

1. Inspect Packaging

Just because an Indian meal moth can be inside a package that doesn't have any visible openings doesn't mean you shouldn't inspect your items. If a package has a tear, gap, or hole, it is far more susceptible to an infestation. When you purchase items from the grocery store, or whole foods market, do a detailed inspection. Also, be sure to check the due dates on the packages. If a product is past its due date, it will have a stronger scent and be more attractive to pantry moths.

2. Store Your Food In Sealed Containers

If you bring an infested item home from the store, the infestation can spread to other packages. The larvae of meal moths can chew through paper wrapping, thin plastic, and other packaging. When you store your items in a sealed container, you prevent the infestation from spreading. Here are a few more benefits.

When you pour your store-bought item into a container, you can inspect it. If you see webbing, larvae, or adult insects, you'll be able to immediately address the infestation by throwing that product out.
A product that is stored inside a sealed glass container helps with detecting emerging insects. Indian meal moth eggs are not visible to the naked eye. When those eggs hatch, the larvae can be difficult to see because they are the same color as the product they are feeding on. It is far easier to see larvae through the side of a glass container than by looking down at a product as you scoop it out.
If you see wiggly larvae, webbing, or adult insects in your foods, all you need to do is dispose of the infested product and clean the container.

3. General Prevention

It is possible for Indian meal moths to come into your home from the outside. While rare, it can happen. If you have your pantry products in sealed containers, these tips won't be necessary for the control of Indian meal moths, but they'll still help with the control of other pests.

  • Routinely inspect your pantry packages. Throw out any products that are past their due dates, and any that have developed holes.
  • Store newly purchased items to the back and older items to the front.
  • Inspect your pantry and seal any gaps, cracks, and holes in the walls.
  • Keep your pantry clean. This removes food particles as an attractant.
  • Do an inspection of your exterior and holes and cracks.
  • Make sure all of your window and door screens are in good working condition.

Indian Meal Moth Infestation

If an infestation takes root in your pantry and it is not contained, you could have a lot of trouble getting rid of it. We don't recommend tackling this on your own. Reach out to Lindsey Pest Services. Our licensed pest management professionals know what is required to get control of Indian meal moths, beetles, weavils, and other pantry pests. We use the most trusted strategies and products to arrest infestations and establish conditions to prevent future infestations from taking root. We're here to help. Jump over to our contact-us page and schedule service today.


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