How To Protect Against Mosquito-Borne Illness

April 12, 2018

With spring and summer approaching the mosquito season reaches its peak. Pesky mosquitoes buzz and bite and leave itchy red marks ruining summer fun.  Worse than that, some mosquitoes can carry illness that they transmit to humans through their bites. The only way to prevent the potential for contracting these illnesses is to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes. But how do you do that?  Mosquitoes seem to be everywhere in Northern Florida. Professional pest control experts like those at Lindsey Pest Services can help!

a pest technician inspecting the outside of a northern florida home for mosquitoes

Mosquito-Borne Illness 

Some of the most common mosquito borne illness in the Jacksonville area are Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. Mosquitoes pick up these viruses from infected animals or potentially other infected humans and transmit them through their bites to you. Signs of both illnesses are similar and include fevers, aches, pains and general fatigue. Often many people infected exhibit no signs of illness and the virus will pass thorough their system. In rare but serious instances people can get very sick and begin developing seizures and signs of encephalitis.   

Preventing Mosquitoes

It’s not easy to prevent mosquitoes from entering your yard however there are a few steps you can take to make your property less attractive.  

Mosquitoes breed in wet areas so ridding your property of standing water reduces the chance of them taking up residence there. This includes making sure gutters are draining properly, wading pools, pails, bird baths and old tires are dumped and not left to collect water.  

Mosquitoes also like plants, shrubbery, and mulch. Keep your garden beds well aerated and drained properly and don’t overwater plants. Cut back overgrowth and weed frequently. Keep your grass trimmed short.  

Plant patio and deck pots with flowers and plants that repel mosquitoes such as lavender, citronella, basil, lemongrass and marigolds. 

Professional Mosquito Control

Lindsey Pest Services offers mosquito control in Jacksonville that targets adult mosquitoes and prevents mosquitoes from breeding by treating the spots where mosquitos like to live.  We will come and assess your property and come up with a plan to help you reduce the number of annoying mosquitoes ruining your spring and summer fun. You will feel confident that you are doing your best to protect your family from mosquito borne illness with professional services from Lindsey.

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