Jacksonville Homeowner's Guide To Mosquito Control

March 20, 2020

Mosquitoes are annoying insects with the ability to cause itchy welts. Most bites you get will be like this—just an annoying, itchy welt. But a bite from the wrong mosquito could cause you to get very sick or lead to harmful medical conditions. Mosquitoes are able to spread dangerous pathogens like Zika virus, West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, Dengue fever, and more. The best way to avoid getting sick is to avoid getting bitten. Today, we're talking about how to get control of mosquito populations and prevent bites 

mosquito on skin

Conditions That Promote Mosquitoes Production

Have you noticed how some places seem to have more mosquitoes than others? It's not your imagination. Some places are definitely more mosquitoey than others. There are a few reasons why. If you understand them, you can reduce mosquitoes in your Jacksonville yard. Here are some ways you can address attractants and breeding sites.
Water — A yard that has standing water is fertile ground for mosquito reproduction. Many mosquito species lay their eggs in standing water. If you remove containers from your yard and alter conditions that allow rainwater to collect, you can reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard.
Moisture — Some mosquito species lay their eggs on damp ground. Reducing conditions of moisture around your home can have an impact on mosquito populations. You can do this by trimming tree branches to let the sunlight in, putting space between you plants for better airflow, and by watering your plants in the morning.
Flowers — Adult mosquitoes eat nectar, even the females, which are the mosquitoes that bite you and draw blood. If you have lots of flowers in your yard, you'll attract mosquitoes. While we don't imagine you'll want to get rid of your flowers to get control of mosquitoes, you might consider planting some mosquito-repellent plants around your flowers. These plants don't repel mosquitoes on their own. You have to brush them with your hand to activate the scents. But if they're in hands reach, it's pretty easy to do. And not only will you be releasing a mosquito-repellent smell, you can apply the oils to your skin and make yourself less attractive to mosquitoes too. 
Plants — Another food source for mosquitoes is honeydew. This is secreted by aphids, whiteflies, and scale insects. When you take measures to reduce these plant-damaging insects, you can also have an impact on mosquito populations. There are many guides on the internet from professional gardeners to help you find natural solutions. Ongoing residential pest control from a licensed professional can also do the trick.

Mosquito Control Products

You may be able to reduce mosquitoes in your yard to an acceptable level by addressing attractants and potential breeding sites. But, if you want the absolute best control possible, it is necessary to apply mosquito control products. These should be selected and administered by a licensed pest control professional to achieve the results you're looking for.
At Lindsey Pest Control, we use a detailed plan of routine inspections and treatments to ensure the best possible control for mosquitoes. Our mosquito control service includes routine mist treatments to eliminate adult mosquitoes where they rest in your yard, and an application of larvicide to address breeding locations as needed. Now is a good time to get started with mosquito control for your yard. We're heading into the time of year when mosquitoes are most active.
If you have questions about mosquito control or you would like to request service for your Jacksonville area home, reach out to us. We're standing by to assist you with this important protection for the health of your family.   


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