Jacksonville’s Complete Bed Bug Prevention Guide

November 10, 2021

The most common sign of a bed bug problem is small red bite marks that appear on skin that are often itchy. Bed bugs usually leave small blood stains on the sheets, mattresses, and other bedding materials, as well as black smears caused by their feces. Bed bugs also shed their external layers of skin and create tiny white-colored eggs. Unlike many parasites such as mosquitos or fleas, bed bugs are unlikely to carry and transmit harmful diseases. People who are bitten are advised to avoid scratching at the marks on their skin, which could open a small wound that is susceptible to a secondary infection.

bed bug crawling on a mattress

How Do Bed Bug Infestations Start?

There is a misconception that bed bugs are most likely to exist in homes or businesses with filthy conditions that need cleaning. In reality, bed bugs have no such preference and typically enter properties primarily as hitchhikers. People often come in contact with bed bugs when staying overnight in hotels, dormitories, or other types of accommodations.
These pests will often burrow into clothing, suitcases, or briefcases and be unknowingly brought back into homes or offices. Once indoors, bed bugs will typically reside close to areas where people sleep and begin to reproduce. During the daytime, they tend to hide within furniture or crevices awaiting nightfall.  
People who are returning from travel are encouraged to inspect their belongings for the presence of bugs closely. If you suspect a problem, wash clothing and materials and dry using a high-heat setting. Avoid bringing second-hand furniture or appliances into a home that have not been thoroughly inspected.

Do I Need To Hire A Pest Extermination Professional?

Far too many Jacksonville property owners make the mistake of trying do-it-yourself home treatment options sold in local home improvement stores and online retailers. These products, including sprays, baiting systems, and granular formulas, generally create mediocre results and contain harsh chemical agents. Bed bugs are very resilient pests that can relocate to other rooms within a home or adjacent apartments in multi-unit buildings. 
The experts with Lindsey Pest Services use several proven methods for expelling bed bugs from properties in this region. One of our team members will discuss the preparation details before the scheduled treatment. Our technicians typically deploy one of the following treatment options:

  • Steam treatment involves creating very intense water vapor that can access bed bugs hiding in crevices or furniture. Our steam method has proven effective against bed bugs burrowed within up to ¾ of an inch of fabric material. 

  • Our specialists understand the behavior of bed bugs in various indoor environments. They will often use a chemical application to oust any pests that retreat inside walls or behind baseboards.

  • Our portable heat chamber method treats infested materials and furniture by reaching temperatures exceeding 117 degrees Fahrenheit, which pests cannot survive.

Licensed Pest Control Professionals In Jacksonville

Did you know that the team at Lindsey Pest Services also handles problems involving ants, mosquitoes, termites, and many other bothersome and potentially dangerous pests that invade homes and businesses in this area? Part of our growth and success stems from a commitment to initial and ongoing training and education that ensures our personnel has the latest knowledge, tools, and treatment options available in the industry. Please get in touch with our office today to schedule an inspection and estimate.


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